Am I missing the point in having a bike?

I was clearing out my stash of MCN’s the other day and checked out the classifieds section for people selling gixxers out of curiosity. People are selling 2013-2014 models with 1600 miles on the clock, a 2006 one with 6000 miles and a 2010 with 4000! Granted I’ve not been the most active rider in the last year, I’ve clocked up the same mileage in less than a year! I’m sure most of you do that in a month :smiley:

What’s the point in having a nice bike if you’re not even using it? I bought mine so that I can ride something nice as much as possible, not to store it in a garage to look at it once a week.

Makes you wonder if bikes with higher mileages are still being used and don’t normally surface on classifieds and it’s only these weekend riders that sell bikes before their warranty expires? Do people really spend 7-8k or more to buy a sports bike and then only ride it a few times a year on weekends when it’s sunny or am I doing something wrong?

I only passed my test to buy a bike for ride outs as I mainly commute on the tube. While it is tempting to commute in to the west end, it’s just a receipe for the bike to get nicked if I leave it onstreet. I reckon I probably do 1000 a year (if I am lucky) and yeah bike cost loadsa ££££. That said I bought a cruiser and not a sports bike. Problem is football gets in the way on weekends too at Stamford Bridge :grin:. So, yeah - I fit your description - low usage rider purely for pleasure and indulgence- best thing ever to ride a bike!

It’s purely the white weather in this country especially sports bikes ,some are only used 3_4 months a year,pure bargains to be had,I myself boughta 08 plate 675. with 3,500 miles on it just looked brand new.

Cousins to the folk that don’t take toys out the box maybe.

James May is proper confuzzled on this point. Here’s an old toy he won at auction and played with it was intended. On the other hand he also has a tendency to buy bikes and not ride them as experienced by one of our own in the brief but proud ownership of The Maytona.

Or folk may be parting with their pride and joys due to a change in personal circumstances as these two explain

I’m constantly amazed by how few miles people put on their bikes. I’m a weekend warrior, and a fairweather one at that, who commutes by car or public cattle class and I still manage to do about 6k a year :-o. I don’t think I use my bike much, yet mine is always amongst the highest mileage bikes they see when it comes to getting it serviced at the Triumph dealership.

As I’ve been scouting for bikes the reaction by the dealers when I tell them the mileage tends to be. Oh so you actually ride your bike. In a surprised tone. It’s killing me on trying PX my bike though. 26k on a not yet 2 year old bike😁

Put 500 miles on my bike since June. I can’t imagine I ll do much more now this year as the weathers on the turn. Probably max out about 1000 per annum. :disappointed:
I don’t consider running my bike expensive so it doesn’t really factor in tbh, couple of hundred a month I d imagine but then I m a f*cker with shiny stuff and wasting money on what I don’t really need.

I got issues lol!

Ever since moving out of London I ride my bike a lot less… No need to on a commute when the car will only take me 5 mins more which I save when I don’t have to change clothes.

I might do it when the sun is shining and I’m a bit bored and need a bit of fun, but not for every day…

I don’t get a chance more than once a month unless I want to give up going out on Sat or doing anything with mates! Combined social calendar with the missus means less than 1000 miles a year for me. None of our friends ride.

I enjoy my bike too much to not ride it at every opportunity. Ill be doing a lot less miles this uear as my commute has been cut in half since my office move but I’ll still rack up 6000 miles or more this year

Bought mine mid July with 5200 on the clock - it’d only done 1000 in the last 2 years according to the maintenance stamps - I’ve done ~2000 since July (not commuting, purely evenings / weekends and random trips) but I spent a chunk (not GS money though) so feel like I need to get my moneys’ worth.

Definitely going to slow down in winter because I’m a little bitch…

I guess I must still be in the it all being new and exciting phase, but this topic is great for my confidence! Although I only have a small bike and go nowhere on it, I have only missed three weekend days on it since February 22nd. A weekend I was away and a wet Good Friday.

I think I get my money’s worth out of my bike, commuting and ride outs, all year, 70k in 3 years means I really don’t expect to sell it for much lol

I’ve just done 2845 miles in 11 days on mine, keep up you slackers :smiley:

show off :smiley:

i think i managed just short of 20,000 miles when i first passed my DAS within a year! would of been more had the bike not spent so much time in the garage :confused:

Some people have more than one bike. Some people don’t have a lot of free time. Some people like cars as well, etc. There’s many reasons why people don’t ride their bikes as often as you. I wish I had more time to ride, personally.

so are we all measuring our dicks ? (literal spanish translation there), anyway 2K+ in month and a half, since I bought the Vstrom, I expect 10K a year with this one

What affects the resell value of a bike? Is it mostly the mileage? I would imagine dealers would use that as a way to knock the price down. Not planning on selling mine just yet but thinking that it would be daft if I do it in a couple years and it’s rated as rubbish because a 3 year old bike has around 20k miles on it.