Am I missing the point in having a bike?

Mileage, working condition, looks (scratched etc…) and service stamps, at least if you try to sell it to a dealer for part exchange.

Pfft janey your milage is high due to the trips to and from the Dealers lol x

^^ If my pet grease monkey was better at his job, then I wouldn’t have to spend half my life at the bike menders, would I??? ^^ Mwah x

I do also understand that whole desire to own something that is totally impractical and not at all useful to your everyday life. Sometimes you just see something and want it, regardless of how much or how little you’re actually going to use it, whether that’s something that costs a few pence or a shiny new motorbike that you absolutely love but never use. And on the plus side, it keeps the market going with second hand, low mileage bikes too!

I think some people just like owning a nice bike even if they don’t ride it that often. I only do about 4000 miles a year but I try and make them as enjoyable as possible. And I also like that it’s there if I want to use it or just go and look at it.

I only put 3k on my RSV4 before giving it back after 18 months. 2k of that was riding to Sachsenring and back. I still miss it. It’s not the number of miles you do but the quality of them that count!

To be perfectly honest I’d love to have the bike just for fun purposes. If I lived back in Scotland that’s exactly what it would be. I love my cars but it makes no sense for me to have one down here.

I have bike just for fun… :slight_smile: Picked it up in June with 400 miles, it now has over 4,000… But “summer” will be over soon…

Me : That’s a lovely MV Agusta F4 you’ve got.

Owner : Yes , I don’t ride as much as I’d like because I don’t wanna put any miles on it…

True story


Lol, we know how your story ended now :slight_smile: It’ll still be in his garage while he’s laying on the ground with his face under the wife’s foot.

Whatever the reason I’m happy they do. Bought mine 4yrs old with 500 miles on the clock and the tax had run out 3 years previous. Pristine. Go figure. :slight_smile:

24000 miles later…

I bought my toy only 3 months ago with 8315 on the clock, and have done over 4,000 miles on it already. My bike is a toy, I don’t commute on it, and I have a car too. I ride when the weather is favourable. I guess being single is factor too.

I did 22,000 miles on my Daytona 675 which I owned for 24 months. I didn’t ride it over the winter months so probably rode it for 17 months.

I’m in a state of shock! You’re single, Martin?! I thought you’d have chicks flocking around you all the time! :smiley:

My bike is a commuter and something for fun, I stopped caring how many miles I put on it a while back. Although just some advice for those out there with the option, always keep the odometer on your dashboard, ignorance is not bliss :sweat:

There is a also a mind-set about depreciation. I don’t care about depreciation because I don’t see my bike as an investment so I also don’t care how many miles I do (or don’t). Things like proper maintenance will help it hold it’s value but that is just the upshot of taking proper care of it.

@Joby - couldn’t have said it better myself. I also don’t care how many miles I put on it. I bought it to have fun and that’s what I’m doing. I definitely won’t be thinking “Oh, I wish I had ridden it less” if I’ve got more miles than could’ve had on my odometre by the time I sell it and it affects the price.

@ Cypher - Oh how wish that were the case. Thanks for highlighting too - Check me out girls, single white male, fit, reasonably good looking, own house, car, toy (i.e. bike) and business. Crickey, I must be doing something wrong.

You’ve been spending too much time getting all that :slight_smile: That’s what happens when you don’t party and don’t spend all your free time in pubs.

I also assumed here was a mrs aceman.

my vfr spent a lot of it’s time being taken apart and put back together but I still did 10000 in 3 years including 3 trips to France and 2 to the TT.

Shall we start a new topic - Finding Mrs Aceman? :wink:

maybe if he stops calling the bike a toy he’ll have better chances :smiley: