Am I alone (and quite possibly mad) or .....

Does any one else have a name for thier bike ?

So in true AA Style,

Hi my names Dan, I ride a CBR 600 and she is called Caron.

Now Cezar stop laughing.

Hi Dan,

My name is AbbeyJ and I ride a CBR (a bit smaller than yours) Her name is Baby.

And I am waiting for my new bike whose name is Bella…

so you’re not alone…

Hi Abbey remember your riding in the ST G run, Baby looks nice, is Bella gonna be a full fat CBR ?

I would love to but the seat height (or more precisely the huge tank on the new ones these days) do not allow for it…

No Bella is my copper hornet - all ready and waiting (sorry smiled) for me to pick her up after the test…

Gotta agree the Tanks are huge. Hornets are nice, I nearly bought one but got seduced by speed and the dark side.

Phew, I thought it was only me!!!

My names Barry, and I ride a R6.

When she’s running, she’s called “Ronda”.

When she’s playing up, she’s called “The Biach”!!

well they have the same engine, but you’re right the cbr is a little more seductive aren’t they??

A copule of times when Caron has played up I may have referred to her as a lady of the night plying her trade


Welcome to the nut house, we have own Jackets .

Why is she called Ronda when she’s a Yammy ?

I call my bike “Mistress” … my girl-friend doesn’t get a look-in when my Mistress is out!!

Ronda for R6…

Besides, how many birds names do you know that start with Y? Yammy, Yasmin…. Er, run out of names now !

No names here, but I do sometimes affectionally shout that I love this bike when riding the K5, it induces some swearing as well, heh.

No Dan… Your’re not the only one obviously!!!

Haven’t got a name for the Blade… I should call it the Gimp! It’s my controlling ways… LOL…

My mouth is shut as you ordered! …



my name is Matthew… I ride a Honda CBF600s… his name is Toby… I have no idea why… my wife named him - she names all her cars… and now it’s stuck… so I ride Toby.

He’s still in the garage! And may not be ready for the weekend!!! IT"S NOT BLOODY FAIR!!!

We all do it…

My Africa Twin’s called Tallulah! However on the odd times I’ve had to pick her up ‘It’s’ called something a bit different


Please for all that is holy change Toby’s name. All Bikes, Cars, ships etc are female don’t ask me why they just are. IT must be like speaking french somethings are feminine and some masculine, so Toby is a La not a Le.

Besides how can you turn up to the next meet and say I have just ridden Toby in the car park.

Cezar, How can I order you arround ya big dancing bear, you. But, clearly I am not alone.

He he

Tallullah, what a cool name.

thats not true - i drove a 4x4 for six months and that was definitely a he…

  • no clutch control

  • had to beg it to get up in the morning

  • ate too much fuel

  • was grumpy as hell

  • and the seats were hard

  • smelt of stale bear and fish

  • backfired the whole time

His name was “The fucking pain in the butt…” amongst others.

Aah student cars - love them!!!