Air Zimbabwe

Does “no offence meant” mean it’s ok to post something offensive?

D!ck. (no offence)

well its still funny

Isn’t racism always?

Here we go again !!

yep, Barro.

i wouldnt say this was racism

Dunno, racial stereotypes laughed at…

So when did Air Zimbabwe become a race? Taking the pi$$ out of how bad an airline is would not be classed as racisit. But lets not let facts stand in your way. You going to say it was posted on youtube by the BNP or you waiting for Matt to do that?

What the hell is going on with this site?

You’ve confused me niceday. But that’s ok. It’s almost hometime.

I agree, to be honest this could just have easily been BA or Air America etc etc… i dont think it would have mattered what airline this still would have been funny.

Sounds to me like many of the smaller cargo flights, old mate of mine is a cargo pilot and it’s frightening to hear what they get up to, regardless of colour, religion etc, people are people and skint freight companies are the same the world over.

this is a joke towards an airline not zimbabwens

Then a caveat was unnecessary unless you deemed it would offend them…

see my comment, it would not matter what airline it was it would still be funny…

And I bet you would not be saying this had it been done on BA

ok so i retract the caveat

Oli, I watched the clip and there was nothing at all bad in there. Please help educate me here as all I could tell was that the people talking were making jokes about Air Zim and not the people of Zimbabwe and even that is not racisit as there are many races of people in Zimbabwe.

Next you will be calling me bikist for disliking Honda for no real reason and only liking Suzuki. Should I go to the police station and report myself?

I own a Suzuki so that’s fine.

It’s an SV650…I rest my case

Oh, bitch.