Air Zimbabwe

By the looks of the pic mate I think you need the thou

Good God is that fattist (I’m starting to make up words now I think?)

I think it is, but you can’t get the thou restricted without comical effect.

Just put a single system on it and badge it up like a 650. PC plod will not know the difference

Am I in trouble with the Mods for being fattist

Did they ever make a thou curvey? I thought it was only the fugly pointy.

Nope, as a ‘fat’ person I can say I am not ‘bovvered’ plus I have seen you

I think it is airlinist, rather than racist

And it was funny BTW

Fly Air Zim before you comment, I have

Very funny clip although Gabon Air are worst.

screw the racisim stuff, all I want to know is if they give free baloons with

every flight?

Very true about me not being of the slim build (I love food ) and that is why I had the thou

As a fat person I feel I have the right to call anyone that looks like me fat also

Now, I agree that this is an airlinist post. We best get hold of the letterbox mouth…sorry can’t remember this girls name: (he must be with her for the money?) and ask her to defend Air Zimmer Frame

I cant be fattist, I have seen people who are fatter than me

Do you think I can patent the term airlinist and charge people every time they use it