Afternoon blast.

Im going to go for a blast out this afternoon.

Same route i have done a few times, its about 100 miles ish in total. Goes out towards Tring.

Im in watford but im happy to ride in to the ace and out again if anyone is interested.

Leaving the ace at 1pm

Pace will be brisk, not suitable for 125’s, Cornerman system in use if its more than 4 bikes.

Its not going to be mental, if you want to do 150 everywhere, undertake people or follow to close then go ride with someone else.:cool:

Enjoy Rixxy. You on a Ducati now?

Taking the hack out today:w00t: - the duc is at the beauty salon:cool:

“The hack” - is the blade?

lol. Times are tough in Rixxy world :smiley:

haha yeah its the blade, it was a joke made at BM this weds. Its not my hack its my darling blade which i love and cannot bring myself to sell.

Having a blatt to Hoddesdon this morning to buy some oil :smiley:

Why there to buy oil? You fancy coming out later?? to be fair it might be earlier than 2pm and i was going to meet a mate at 12 but he has not cancelled, so it might be around 12 ish if that makes a difference.

Ill be coming back from Aylesbury at some point if I manage to pay the ransom !

What time you there? Im leaving earlier now so might meet you there and we can have a ride back…

Await the phone call !

cool;-) Im not going to the ace unless its to pick someone up, so may be straight out form mine.

I’m for a trundle this afternoon. :slight_smile:

Where in Aylesbury JC?

would it be ok if i came along on this rideout? been on a few rides with lb riders, im a decent rider, il just drop behind you lot if thats cool? i live in se london crystal palace on a vtr1000 so could be there in like 40-50 mins at ace?cheers alex

Hi mate, in that case lets meet at the ace at 1pm!!!

Is that ok with everyone?

cool! ill see you there at 1(ill be there before) what bikes should i look out for?

Im on a Red white and Blue fireblade with the plate RIX


Rixxy is a short skinny bloke :stuck_out_tongue:

Vern, if its J.C - it’ll be On Yer Bike!

I’m here sitting on the table near the front door. Monster lid next to me.