Afternoon blast.

How long are you staying at the ace for? If not long, I’ll meet you at on yer bike!

You guys out already? :smiley:

roads are bloody marvellous today, just be careful loads of traffic!

Looks like I’ll be going straight to ON YER BIKE then!

Was going to meet you at the ace but the kids asked if we can go cycling together instead :-). Have a great ride.


That was the best afternoon out I’ve had for months :smiley:
Many thanks to Rixxy for piloting us.

It was a great afternoon, 5 of us went out, 7 of us came back!!! Was great to see Apegs, Scorch, JC, Big Vern, Superoli, Wayne!!!

Roads where nice and dry and there was not to much traffic later on!!!

Great day, came home to find Mrs rixxy had managed to get sunburn and smash half a bottle of white wine!!!

See you guys tomorrow!!

Got to get out on one of theses sooner or later sounds like a blast.

wicked ride! really enjoyed it…r.i.p samsung s3 x lol