Advice speeding?

well today i got a fixed notice throw my dore about i was speeding on mayday well i say a notice well i got 2.

The first was at 10:08 (36 in a 30) the second was at 10:11 (51 in a 40) does anyone know if there is anyway i can appeal and get one knocked off for them being 3 mins apart.

I should be able to do that speed awareness course but i cant aford £120 minimum in fines right now well i cant even aford £60 thats why im hopeing i might be able to get one knocked off and what happens if i cant aford to pay it will the fine become more or more points does anyone know =[

comeing up to rideing 2 year’s and the day i get my first ticket i get bloody 2 =[

My advice is don’t speed… Especially on an event aimed at vehicles. :D.

Also, you’ll get three points for each FPN and the course is £100 instead of the £60 FPN, I think.

I really hope they don’t give you the full six… That’s a ban on a provisional licence…

tbf dont even remember speeding most of the way we was behind cars.

will i get the fine and the price for the course ?

If you get offered the course they will drop the fine and charge you £100 for the course I believe.

It’s a course in place of the points and fine, if you get offered the course. £101 for the course i think.

You were a fair way over the limit so don’t get your hopes up, but they might be lenient with you…

If your going to appeal one make it the 36mph in a 30mph as its 20% over the limit. The 51mph in a 40mph is 27.5% over.

Either way if you get 6 points and a ban you’ll be priced out of insurance. The choice is yours.

i called them up and the lady said i should be offered it on both but can only take it once and she said its £85 price might be different hear in London and down in Sussex im not sure.

what will happen if i cant afford to pay it? i dont have a job and live off £20 a week that i havent got in 2 weeks =[

Tough break dude… Hope it comes good for you

Might be worth seeing if this guy will take you on pro bono…

‘IF’ you get your license ‘revoked’ for getting 6 or more points within your first two years you dont get banned,you just loose entitlement and have to retake your test which as far as i’m aware there is no time frame for this.

as for the speeding did you notice and fixed cameras /van or plod with speed gun? :pinch: and was there any photo evidence with the summons?

i got done by a scamera van before a fixed camera on what i presumed was a 40 limit as no street lights and out of town,36 in a 30 was my speed and i got offered a speed awareness course.could’nt afford it either and dragged out the booking time untill i had no choice but accept the fine of £60…by then i had the spare cash

good luck fella and worse case you’ll have to re take your test…which you plan to do ‘A2’ anyway so if you do get it revoked sell the dt book your test and start from scratch,might have a cheap cb500 to sell you when your ready:Whistling:

gp im still on l plates atm and have my mod 2 retake on thursday if i get one more ticket within 2 years ill lose my licence =[ and im 17 so i have to take my test on my 125

i understand that as i lost mine with the same system,i’d contemplate cancelling the mod2 retake just in case as it’ll be void if you do get license revoked and more money wasted

what i meant was…i have a cb500 for when you pass your test as it’ll be cheap and 33bhp friendly

GP is giving some sound advice… Especially as his been through it.

Because you were caught in two locations in such a short space of time, it is not uncommon for the CPS not to offer you a fixed pernalty and 3 points for each offence, but to issue summons for a court appearance instead.

This can work to your benefit as it is then actually dealt with as 1 case.

I helped a guy out last week in a similar situation, went to court and got fined £100 and 4 points on his licence rather than the usual £120 and 6 points because the two offences were lumped together.

So, you may be better off asking the question once you know what penalty or alternatives you have available to you.

When I did the speed awareness course for 46 in a 40 it was about £85. It’s well worth it over taking the points as points influnece your insurance.

When visiting one of my clients offices he had the actual picture of him getting done by the gatso on his wall. He said the first stage of trying to get off the fine is to contact them saying, “I don’t recall being there at the time can you send me the photographic evidence.” There is a chance (all be it slim) that they don’t have the photograph. That might be worth trying first.

What is your credit rating like? There are lots of credit cards that are zero interst in the first year as I understand. I’m not advocating getting into credit card debt but it would get you out of a tight spot. In a years time if you still don’t have the cash you can open another zero interst credit card and transfer the balance. I knew a few people at uni that did that for 3 years running.

Best wishes with all of this nasty business.

^ You can’t get a credit card until you’re 18

Did they say what evidence they have of your speeding?

gp i wont be able to aford a new bike for a long time lol

t.c thats what im hopeing it can be lumped to geather as one so i can keep the speed awearness couse incase i get another one within 2 years

joby im 17 so cant get a credit card

Kaos when i called up the lady said she will check the dvd then said she can cleay see the back of my bike and i asked if i can see this video and shes said she will send me out the photo evidence

Yeah wait for the evidence or a satisfactory explanation of what the evidence is.

I also suggest that you write in, as telephone calls are not always logged and people don’t always do what they say they will, do sometimes but you never know.

Write a letter requesting the evidence of your speeding. Doesn’t have to be anything special or long.

should i fill in the back of the forms and send them off or Wright the letter for evidence first?