Ace Newbie meet

Hey! who is going down to the Ace for the LB newbie meet on monday?

I’ll be there (if its not rainin) :slight_smile:

I won’t be going as my folks are completing tomorrow on their conveyance so my help is needed by them.

Have a good evening!


I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Sorry but i won’t be there as i’m still waiting to hear when i will get my baby back on the road.

I’ll be there:D

i did have plans on going there as after doing my bikesafe course with the old bill i know now where it is, but . . . i had a phone call this morning from work and now have to go in!! grrrr

i’ll be there after the gym, half 8ish

Might go early and sit with a cuppa and do some uni work… gets me out the house :stuck_out_tongue:

sadly i’m still going to be darting around the M25 to Hampshire (still!), so will probably drop by on the way back from the office.

Maybe :smiley:

Ducati - looks the business, reality well …

Roundabout scratchin is all the gym one needs … yes?

cant make it im afraid…gotta work meeting :frowning:

I refer to your avatar …

Maybe, hopefully.

im gonna pop down and say HELLO :smiley:

Can’t make tonight… have a tea for me please!

I’ll be there after 8 on the Zephyr.

I thought you got new rain gear, or is it you dont want to get that white bike of yours dirty:w00t: