Ace Newbie meet

Tonight will be interesting :smiley: I wonder who puts the effort in when its raining:D

I hate riding in the rain but i’m going to be there:w00t:

It shouldn’t be raining tonight…according to (lying) Metcheck

I’ll be there just to take the p1ss out of you Rob :smiley:

Well done Ang, anybody else coming to take the **** out of me:D


what colour is my new bike?! :smiley:

nah - I can take the p|ss outta you from here…CITIZEN - STEP AWAY FROM THE NEWBIE NIGHT! :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t need our help Rob, you can manage it on your own! :smiley:

I might well be along with my brother, not entirely sure yet.

Alas not, was hoping to get down there but is no out of the question.

But note to worry Rob, I’m sure you’ll be able to drop the pussy cat without help. ;):P:D

yer i have! Anyhow got a monster all day hangover job so not gonna make it afterall:crying: won’t be at BM wed either as working :crying:

Short staffed at work, so didnt get out til late :angry:

Hey thanks for the turnout tonight! :cool: Unlike my riding style im pretty shy so im slowly getting more outgoing each newbie night an was great to meet yet more people!

Also got my quickest Ace to home time averaging about 55mph on my 125 :smiley:

My first newbie night.
Wont be back

As i thought:ermm: The less said about this newbie night the better:D

It wasn’t that bad rob, or did everyone leave early? Was nice to meet new peeps lastnight, see ya at the next one, bring the board games lol

Seemed to be very low energy to me…mind you I didn’t help by turning up tired, with a headache and barely bothering to leave my chair, let alone talk to anyone :slight_smile: