Ace Cafe Toy Run


keti (11/12/2007)

I think johnp has started something on Facebook. Ya got any definitive meeting times/places dude?[/quote

He’ll be at his mates, sisters, boyfreinds, Dad’s, Grandmothers 100th birthday celebrations. So he will pobably pull out :wink:


I’d happily meet people at the Blackheath tea hut on my way over to the Ace. I don’t mind doing some kind of co-ordinating either but I’m one of the hardest people to find in a crowd - too short! :wink:

BTW, thanks to the generous spirited people at work I now have over 30 pressies to bring and promises of more to come - it’s great getting in to find my desk covered in soft toys in the morning :smiley:


:w00t: get panniers, box, or a… trailer :DTeaHut sounds good, I’ll try to get there too!

I’ll be at the Ace for 10.30am. Most of you know me :slight_smile:

Cool, will be at Ace Cafe for 10:30 as well :slight_smile:

I’ll be there :slight_smile: just got to go shopping for toys and a secret santa prezzie on Fri/Sat now

See you at the Ace, will get some decorations for me and the bike on the way home this evening.

I’d not thought of that part… :doze:

It has to be done, see last years pics.





Looking good :slight_smile:

So thats what my bike looks like once its washed.

Meet at the Blackheath tea hut at 9.30 for a 9.45 departure?

Luckily I have panniers, a tail pack and (if needed) a 65litre rucksack to put the pressies in :cool:

Oh, then there is the colour co-ordinated tinsel and santa suit… :wink:

I remember those days . . . but they will eventually ask you to do some work ;):stuck_out_tongue:

hey guys im sorry to say i wont be able to make this now, am gutted, but i will make a donation.:slight_smile:

Oh no Westie mate, i`m gonna miss you.

Wow looks like there is going to be a good turnout on the LB front! :smiley:

Gonna have my nice new press bib on, so anyone who doesn’t know me - will do!! :D:D

There`s also people from my forum and other forums i belong to going, so it looks like a good fun day for me.