Ace Cafe Toy Run

I know it`s on 16th December but has anyone got anymore news on it.

Xmas Toy Run 11am

Meet Details:

Toy Run Departs 11 a.m.

Please bring toys ready wrapped
and labelled boy/girl/age group


Return via Westminster Bridge
Twice around Parliament Square
Back to the Ace

Ok, can someone tell me just what this day entails? So we buy, how many toys? We carry them ourselves to the hospitals? So if we are going to 3 hospitals, we need to bring at least 3 toys? Do we let them open them in front of us, do we give them to the child ourselves? Or are they just left for whichever child is in hospital on the 25th? Sorry but im not sure what the toy run involves…

Dont get me wrong, its a great cause and i wouldnt mind it, but i would love to see the kiddies open them and see their little faces?..its better than just dropping them at the hosptial and walking away?..are the hospital told of this beforehand so they expect you when you turn up?..


As far as i know, you turn up with a wrapped pressie or two or however many you want or can bring, you mark if it is for girl or boy or either i guess and age group it is for, when you get to the Ace it is then sorted and put in a van, you then visit the hospitals that have been selected and they know you are coming and the van sets of and the bikes and you all get there and the kids get the pressies, something like that

Ohhh and if you want you can wear a santa outfit or decorate your bike… and no not that mrs santa outfit :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: Is this an outfit for the Christmas party ? :wink:

I am up for this, it is brilliant day.

Hey Guys!

I will be coming along to the Ace Cafe’s Christmas Run to cover the event photo-wise for LB…do we know who will be coming, just so I get an idea of how many LB’er there will be in attendance!

Remember it is for a great cause and every gift, no matter how small or large will benefit a child over the Christmas period who is in one of the following hospitals…

**- Central Middlesex

  • St Mary’s Paddington
  • St Thomas’s Southwark**

More information can be obtained from the Ace Cafe’s website here.

i will be attending…:w00t:

I’m going and have asked people at work to donate pressies too.

Just off to get my santa suit :slight_smile:

Wicked stuff!!! Its great that people are collecting loads!! Beg, borrow and steal is my motto…well maybe not steal! lol :smiley:

sort of going wot blade says, 3 toys for 3 hospitals? bit silly really if ya gotta carry 3 toys on yer bike.

Jackie and I will be along. A French friend, Noemie, who has never ridden before will be on Jackie’s pillion.

As far as I am aware all of the toys go into a van so that we don’t have to carry them ourselves. I am going to be speaking with someone from the Ace this weekend sometime so I will find out for sure! :slight_smile:

I will be there, Normally do the Reading Toy Run, so this will be my first Ace Toy Run.

Here are the details I have from the Ace Cafe…

If I get any more from them I will post it up!! :smiley:

Oh one more message…

I will be there with Tug, Lucky13 & Michelle, and… Sonic (well it would’ent be the same without him :smiley: ) and will be competing in the last half mile drag race :wink:


I’m up for this :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m up for this as well…

Someone should step up and be the LB lead for this. Unfortunately I cannot go, but as we have done for the last couple of years, we should have a sizable LB group going along and doing their bit. We’ve done well before, it just needs someone to corrale the team :slight_smile:


2005 #1:

2005 #2: