ace cafe bike night 25th may 2012 friday

Location :

Ace Cafe London
Ace Corner
North Circular Road
NW10 7UD

Time : 6pm onwards

Date : 25th may 2012 friday

who is going ?

LB riders going :

  1. kishan + 1 = 50%

Oh I have to study unfortunately otherwise I’d love to go

How did you work that one out. :w00t: My maths teacher must have been sh!t.

Well if Kishan is -50% it all adds up :slight_smile:

I thought it might of been him and his mate =50%, so his only expecting another 2 people to show up… Ahh! this equation is beyond me.

I think he means that there is a 50% chance of him being there.

Of course, since he doesn’t exist, the chance is actually 0%…

Ok I actually thought the chance of him being there is 25% since there is also the other person whos chance of being there is also 25%.

Chance of me being there is currently 8%


how about all you childish people come saturday to the watford meet and meet me face to face and when you all relaise i am real expect a nice V sign fed up of all this bullshit coming out of all your gobs :slight_smile:


and the +1 next to my name means me and my work mate and im 50% sure if im going ace is depending on whether he ends up doing over time at work or not so i wont know until last minute

pot/kettle :Whistling:

Is that the best you got… :laugh:

Yeah we pretty much ruined this topic didn’t we :slight_smile: I need something more local, Watford is like literally on the other side of town and would take me an hour to get to.

I didn’t say you weren’t real… Now we’ve cleared the mathematical equation out lets clear up what your sign says. Now we know it begins with ‘V’… Hmm… At first I was thinking vagina but with that sense of humour I’m pretty sure its virgin :Whistling:

see you guys at the ace.

dont change the subject! :laugh:

PMSL @ Jaime

Ok I’ll bite! Now why would anybody come to the conclusion that you are the figment of either an ace cafe employee/forum mod’s imagination? Could it be that every week you post about the ace on a friday night and every week come up with a reason not to be there? (Incidentally, EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT IS BIKE NIGHT!!) And another thing, how is it you can make a meet in Watford but never the ace when you live 10 minutes up the road?

Just a thought because I’m in one of those moods! And I’ll be at the ace later dark grey 'busa, matt black shoei with white stripes, jeans, blah, blah, blah. Going straight from work to avoid any parking bullshit/jobsworth marshalls! Laters!!