A41 closed Due To Bike Accident!!!

So the A41 towards the A1 is closed, its the section near evans cycles.

There is a big accident involving more than one bike, i think i recognised the bikes and the 3 guys sitting on the verge from the ace earlier and i hope to hell the guys lying in the road are ok.

From what i could see there where at lease 5 bikes involved.

Once again i hope they are ok, and i hope its not someone we know.

Hope they’re ok. Had it only just happened? Maybe closed for a serious reason… Lets hope not.

yeah i must have missed it by 5 mins or so, there where 3/4 fire engines same number of amublances and lots of police, made me feel sick just passing it tbh. Anyway fingers cross it looked more serious than it was.

Thoughts and best wishes to all involved

Trying to find out if its anyone we know but nothings coming up as yet…just that there was a severe accident in that area…i pray whoever was involved is ok.

It didn’t look to nice when I passed earlier. Looks like some someone went in to the back of a car in a big way. HEMS car on scene when I passed.

Wanna wish every person involved the best.

Do post any updates on this, particularly re any LB members.

I do hope it is not fatal and that all involved make a swift recovery.

That really sucks, the Ace is just around the corner from me. Hopefully everyone will walk away with shock and nothing worse.

Thoughts go out to you guys

Roadworks guys fuelling up in Esso (opposite Ace) said 3/4 bikes went into a stationery car.

Brrrrrrrrr!.. this sends a shiver down my spine. Hope all the riders are ok.

According to our local press one bike and one car directly involved both rider and driver taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries, loads of smashed “road furniture” driver had to be cut out of the car. Road finally reopened at 5.15.

Makes you shiver

Shows how poor our local press is at reporting stuff. See below.

a few of us came up from bedford for i ride to the ace. We where riding down the a41 a bike went into the car n bounced of another bike sandwiched between the two. Us behind saw braked hard to avoid it but guy at the back on the ninja endowed summer saulted the bike, it flew over my head, into the back of the stationary fiat. The back of the bike hit the top of the boot then landed facing the other way. The rider of the bike flew into the guy on a suzuki tl knocking of him and his gf. No one was cut out of the car. The guy on ninja has two broken wrists and maybe mre bt last i heard. the guy on the tl has a broken collar bone n cuts. the gurl im not sure on there was talk of spinal injuries at the time. I hope they all get better soon. Was such a horrible crash to witness though, makes you think.

Sorry to hear this, hope all involved recover in due time!

It’s always a horrible thing to witness, let alone be a part of. Have a big glass of whiskey and thank your lucky stars you’re able to write about it! :wink:

Hope everybody’s injuries are only minor… :unsure:

Hi mate, glad as hell to see your all ok, i rode past and i could see it was bad, i knew more than one bike was down in the road, thank god everyone get to talk about it!!!

It made me think and i was just riding past!!

Hi guys just a update me and emma are ok emma was airlifted to London royal infermary with suspected spinal injuries. Luckily nothing that bad she’s got whiplash no skin on her chin knees or knuckles and battered and bruised.But she’s happy to have been in a helecopter. I’ve had my forehead stitched up and my throat stitched up where my helmet buckle ripped threw my throat. Gonna have some sweet scars lol. Darren broke both wrists his mum said he is ok but is going to need operations on them both. Both bikes are trashed but we are all walking away from the accident so eBay it up for a new bike and see u at the ace cafe soon. :slight_smile:
thanks to all for comments of concern.

blomey glad you all got away relitively lighty and are here to tell the tale G.W.S to all involved :slight_smile:

Glad to see everyone is relativity ok. Another example of the importance of the London Air Ambulance. :slight_smile:

Heaven knows how the insurers are going to solve this one! More important though is the fact that everyone will live to tell the tale :slight_smile: Glad to hear you are all (relatively) safe and sound.

great to hear you all ok!!! And def thumbs up to the LAA guys!!

Hope you all GWS, and glad that you walked away