A Ruthless Southend Shakedown 2022

Those roads are fine
You be hitting the Danbury S’s

@Boris No worries there’s a fuel stop after 40 miles in Danbury from there its 60 miles to Southend

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Cracking day for it - see you all shortly.

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Be careful Danbury tTescos , Maldon Morrisons and Maldon Tesco’s
Are having issues with fuel supply
Maldon Tesco’s is a safer bet

And there is few stranger than this bunch

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Shame to miss this.

Have fun guys. If I remember correctly then it’s quite traditional to run out of fuel, although it should be a Ducati. I do wander how many fords will be involved….


Wish I was going but Easter is always family time.

Have fun guys.


Thank you for the great journey and amazing day @National_Treasure

Hope to see you again soon on another ride :slight_smile:


Thank you for great ride @National_Treasure. Hope everyone had as much fun and great time as myself.


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Super route, thanks to NT for organising.

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Great turn out for a great day out. Thanks to NT for being a National Treasure (and for leading), thanks to the tail gunner (John) for, yes, tail gunning and thanks to everyone else for being good company. Hope to ride with you all again soon.


Thanks all, it was a good day out!

The sunset from Southend (slightly down the road) is quite nice


Nice one NT - twisties all the way.

Next time you stop in Danbury - that’s yer spot. The hair dressers has a tearoom underneath - bacon sarnies etc. :slight_smile:

+1 Thanks to John for tail gunning and keeping the ride together. Thanks also to those who stepped in to mark the corners left unmarked at the start of the ride. Apologises for the start location, it seems the public car is now under the private control of the Royal Oak who have installed cameras and banned motorcycle parking, at least the public toilets in the car park were available. I checked the no motor vehicles signage at the High Beech car park on Google Maps and the restriction only applies between 5pm to 8am.


It was a great day out. Thanks @National_Treasure

On a side note for anyone interested, we were important enough to have paparazzi taking pics :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s 3 sets of pics for this location, the Goldwing and @JJ130190 are in set 2

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Well done Daniel and thanks for posting, it was on my mind to post a link to Getapic (photo set B) but it slipped my mind. Getapic are often seen on the Burnham Bends and other locations around Essex and have captured us in previous years.

BTW the photo sets are A, B & C, we’re in set B

My Sinnis wasn’t nice enough to be posted :pleading_face:

I wouldn’t worry, that location wasn’t one of Mark’s better spots, there’ll be other times. In the past he’s been set up on faster bends with a better lean angle and rolling countryside for the backdrop. I’ve heard the Police have taken interest in his activities, protecting us from ourselves, on the grounds that he is encouraging folk to ride beyond their limits.