A Ruthless Southend Shakedown 2022

Still tempted to come, but:


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Hoping yo be there Monday. Who else is going to be there?

Given the issues with petrol in Essex - I’ll probably go straight to Southend from home (Home->start->Southend->home is more than a full tank for me)

NT - you got an ETA and location in Southend? Or somewhere on the road in for a rendezvous?

I’ll be filling up and taking a 5L spare tank with me, I suggest if possible you could try doing the same that way you could enjoy a group ride as well.

On a side note, are we expecting many 125cc bikers on this group? I only have a 125cc and I know they’re accepted but I’d rather not hold the group up.

Thank you ahead for your reply


@bluelagos plan ‘A’

09:30hrs leave Kings Oak
11:15hrs arrive Bradwell Marina comfort/refreshment stop
12:00hrs leave Bradwell Marina
13:30 arrive Southend (99 miles) park as directed by parking wardens, head for nearest chippie

There’s the Wake Arms Shell and Waltham Abbey Tesco and BP, which should get you to Southend and back home.

I really wanted to go to this but I’ve just noticed an oil leak
Thanks BMW you have excelled yet again
Anybody selling a late SV650
I want a spare bike

@bluelagos Plan B already

Bradwell Marina don’t open until 12:00hrs on Monday so the halfway comfort break will be less than halfway and at 10:45hrs at the car park of Dawson Fields Eves Corner, Main Rd, Danbury CM3 4NQ

Cool. See you in Danbury :+1:

@Daniel1998 i am on a 125 bud so we can loiter in the back together haha

Sounds like a plan :stuck_out_tongue:

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You meeting at the start point?

Unless something happens, otherwise plan is to be with the group the whole route from the start

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See you there

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Be carful with your routes Mayes lane Danbury is closed

@Wise Thanks for that is Copt Hill open?

Copt Hill is open
It’s a very narrow lane and will.be full of Lycra clad fcukers

Thanks @Wise, I’ve now re-routed via Woodhill Road and Well Lane.

Anyone else exited for tomorrow or is it just me being over exited to have strangers lead me into unknown narrow lanes?…


This is a great thing about rideouts, no shame in excitement!

Last minute annual leave approved and the Bros needs a stretch, ill see you in the morning!
I might have to peel off towards the end, as it only gets 90 miles to a tank, and then a sill small reserve.

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Ride economically if you can :stuck_out_tongue: you can hang out at the back with the 125 squad. Should be economic enough guessing you have a big bike

See you in the morning