A question for the LB Scientists

Where do puddles go?:cool:

As a very keen weather dependant LBer I have always got one eye on them pesky puddles.

One day they are there, then the next they have gone.

But where do they go?:w00t:

The puddle pixies come and clean them up over night, didn’t your parents teach you anything!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you asked 118 118? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have just sent a text to question master, lets see what they come back with :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you tell I am bored of work today!!

Here ya go Chunks.

Reply from AQA: Puddles disappear through evaporation, the process where water becomes water vapour. It’s and essential part of the water cycle, driven by solar energy.

What about the puddle pixies!!! poor things are out of a job :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the difference between evaporated milk and condensed milk? I’ve never understood that.

What is a puddle?

How big or small is a puddle?

Alternatively at what stage does a stream become a river?

I guess the work has been outsourced :smiley:

Ahh but for water to evaporate it needs to boil doesn’t it?So it must be the Puddle Pixies with tiny bunsen burners boiling up the puddles:D

errrr no! not being funny or owt but isn’t the answer to the original vaguely obvious? :wink:

ie. when you use a hair dryer, the dryer doesn’t boil your hair! it applies a heat source and wind to evaporate the moisture build up. get it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here ya go :slight_smile: (for the pixie magic see arrows)

I don’t have any hair so I wouldn’t know:P

My science teacher told me that water evaporates at 100c:w00t:

I prefer the pixie theory:P

Surely if you buy evaporated milk you should be expecting an empty carton!!

water boils at 100[sup]o[/sup]C! it evaporates at a much lower temperature depending on depth and volume etc.

actually while we’re on the subject: did you know water is actually hotter just before it boils than when it’s actually boiling? it’s because of the ascending air bubbles and the slight cooling effect they have!

there ya go. you’ve learnt 2 new thing today mr monkster :kiss:

So water doesn’t turn to steam at 100C?:w00t:

I’ve been lied to all these years:D

You’ve been lied to!! what about my theory of puddle pixies, I feel cheated :frowning:

YES! water does turn to steam at 100[sup]o[/sup]C. that merely an exaggerated, visual representation of what happens to water at a much lower temperature.

here’s an experiment for you: put 100mls of water in a bowl then put it in the airing cupboard overnight (or just leave outside in the sun for an hour ;)). then pour the water back in to the measuring jug. report back here what volume the water now measures!

lol! :slight_smile:

when the puddle pixies arnt busy do they collect the teeth from under pillows?