A nice ride turned into my worst nightmare

god that horrilbe to see , hope she recovers well best wishes …keith

which one is the driver , white shirt or the grey shirt ?

sue him for a massive packet - everything you can get him for :smiley:

The main thing is your wife is ok

i would of knocked the geeza"s teeth out

Thanks for all good wishes I will pass them on to V this afternoon.

Just a quick update. She had a 4 hr op last night that seems to have gone OK I can’t go over until 3 to visit but hopfully have more info later


hope the op goes well and wish her a speedy recovery!

Driver is the one in grey.

The guy in the white was great, he sorted out the various people calling police and ambulance whilst I stayed with V. Also help lifting her onto the stretcher etc, a real nice guy.

Bloody hell, that could have been an awful lot worse, mine was nothing in comparison. Best wishes to V for a quick recovery, and to you - I know what a shock it is watching a mate go down, it must be so much worse when it’s your wife. Chin up! :)PS. Isn’t it great when someone you don’t know turns out to be a great help and a really great bloke?

Yep, it made the whole thing a lot eaiser for me to deal with

Bloody ell!! :crying:

Hope V is ok…and you? must have been awful seeing your wife hurt like that…

must have been the day for twat drivers on the road …one cut me up big stylee yesterday lunchtime while we were out on the scooters on a roundabout :w00t: my hubby was behind me with his heart in his mouth…which quickly turned to terror as he realised i was hurtling after him to give him a gobful of abuse strange how the twat legged it and turned right at the nearest turning!:smiley:

Not good to see someone go down let alone the one you love. Thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Must have been a total mare seeeing a loved one downed like that.

Heres hoping for a full and speedy recovery for V

Well done for keeping your cool and not landing one on the car driver;)

Get well soon V

Looking at the photos and position of the bike, How can the twat say she was speeding. What an A-wipe

Best wishes to your other half for a speedy recovery.

Judging by the state of the idiot’s bumper, she took a serious blow. I see he’s left his white stick in the car…

sorry to hear this, gws to her.:slight_smile:

God! What a terrible thing to happen!

“don’t kill him!”
That’s an amazing thing to say after just being hit by the bloke in question! Your wife is a good person :slight_smile:
I bet it was hard to keep your hands off him after a while though.

I hope both of you recover as soon as possible.


Thats awful BM. With her a speedy recovery…

Not good to see, I hope the op went well and I wish “V” a speedy recovery :smiley:

hope she gets better soon, could have been a lot worse. will be a nice payout on the way.

must have been a horrible experience for you both :frowning:
my best wishes to V for a speedy recovery