A nice ride turned into my worst nightmare

Wife called me at lunch time and said “It’s such a nice day wish we could go for a ride out” so I thought sod work and left early.

Set off at 4:30 for a nice run down to Godstone, then across to Lingfield find a pub then home.

Going down the the A22 we came up against some stationary traffic near the Garden Centre/Camping place. So with her leading we slowly filtered up the outside 15-20 mph.

Guy came out of an entrance accelerating hard and went straight into the side of V, she cartwheeled up the road a good way landing on her back. Luckily the van coming the other way had seen what was going to happen and slammed his anchors on.

Twat that hit her tried to tell the police she was speeding up the outside but we have 6 witnesses who have all said speed was between 10-20 mph.

It was the scariest moments of my lif seeing someone I love getting hit like that, I just dropped the bandit and legged it over.

First thing she said was “Fock My leg hurts”, the second was “is my bike OK” and the third was “don’t kill him”

Anyway she is now in the Surrey Hospital in Redhill waiting for a pin to be put in her left leg and thinking about what bike she’s going to get next






I would have batterd the driver to an inch of his life.

Too worried about my wife to even think about it at the time

V. Sorry to hear this BM. I hope that your wife’s leg gets better nice and quick. This kind of accident happens a lot unfortunately (cager turning right spots a gap in the traffic and completely fails to anticipate the possibility of a legally filtering motorbike or scooter).

Great to hear that she is already thinking about her next set of wheels! :smiley:

I had a near miss like this only the other week.

All the best, ST.

sorry to hear that. I hope she will get better very soon.


Feck man! Im so sorry to read this!
I hope your wife is as ok as she can be for the situation! :cool:

Went out for a mad mental stunning ride this evening. “bang” I’m now back to reality…

Get well soon! :smooooth:

Edit: I don’t see any skid marks?

She didn’t get a chance to slam the anchors on. He hit her mid bike, that’s what broken the leg.

Holy crap!! Hope she heals up real quick :slight_smile:

i hope she gets better and that driver pays the consequences for his actions.

:pinch: Best wishes to her :wink:

Just had a chance to catch up on threads and was shocked to see this one…but so pleased that V is ok, apart from that very sore leg she is going to have from all this…so glad you got pics too…what a complete ass of a man and we can all see what hes done too…classic bike accident by a cager that didnt look before just pulling out, thinking they own the damn road !! Hope all goes well for her and that the bike gets sorted for when shes fit and well…cant believe that bloody asshole…

Glad she’s basically OK if a bit damaged. Strewth, not what you want to see :pinch:

Bloody hell, really sorry to hear of this, I know this stretch of road really well, one of my regular rides. I very much hope your wife’s leg op goes smoothly and that she makes a speedy recovery, and she gets lots of compo from that idiot’s insurers.

You probably use them already but in case not, I recommend Rider Support Services - 020 8246 4900.

Bliddy hell…heal quick ‘V’.

Summin my Dave always worries about is if I was to get hit when I was out on my bike with him in tow, or in front.

He’s already seen me get side swipped by a Sainsburys lorry last year and was amazed I stayed upright.

At least she’s already planning her next bike…good on ya lass! :wink:

As for the driver…screw him big style…TIT!

Sorry to hear what happened and hope she has a quick recovery and the bloke gets done for it.

blimey monkeyman not good, hope your missus is ok send her best wishes for a speedy recovery from all on here mate, and hope the toerag who hit her gets book chucked at him :slight_smile:

Bluddie hell mate :cool: hope your mrs makes a speedy recovery.
I’ve had a few near misses like this, I think more ‘think bike’ ads addressing this exact problem wouldn’t go amiss (for what they’re worth…)

$hit! buttonM hope your wife gets well soon! its one of the worst things i can think of - not you getting hit but the person you love! :frowning:

glad she’s ok (ish) and on the mend!

has she picked a new bike yet? :smiley:

sorry to see this - I couldnt imagine what that would be like - the positive is that its only a broken leg and that it doesnt seem to have detered her from wanting to get another bike!! :slight_smile:

was the car a foreign car? It looked like an opel - I thought they were only sold as vauxhall in this country?

hope the operation goes well for her mate.

I’m so sorry to hear about this, hope that your wife gets better soon.

I hope that someone does to the driver, what he did to her.