A great turnout for Dave.


We gave him a good send off, and seeing everyone with smiles on their faces when we got our picture taken, and was leaving meant the day was worth it


I took a couple of videos of the bikes leaving.

I’m useless with this kind of thing. Can I MMS them across for someone to post on Youtube or whatever?

It would be nice for everyone to see:)

hope someone can sort that chunks would be nice to see, felt really special leaving with dave’s family and friends watching us go, big lump in throat time

Sorry I couldn’t make this one, looks like you gave the fella a good send off.

Chunky, have you got a cable to connect your phone to the computer ? Once you get the vid files on the computer you just create an account on Youtube and upload them, it takes care of the rest.

failing that, send it to me big man and ill try and get it up this evening

Glad to have such a warm welcome from everyone else on the day, and the service was very heartwarming, Dave was a great man and an inspiriation to all.

Just wanted to say thanks to Tiggi & David’s family for letting us pay our respects to David. It was a beautiful service and the readings about David were amazing.

Yesterday made me feel very lucky to be apart of a very caring community and I love you all very much. It was great to see many of you there. I must admit at the wake I had to call mum to say I love her - just felt like the done thing.

I spent the first half of the day crying in sadness and then spent the last part of the day crying in laughter. you guys crack me up

Fish & Chips on the beach was brilliant and as much as Ginger is the joker he made me very proud yesterday - top bloke :slight_smile:

Thanks xxx

I think I’ve uploaded something onto Youtube:w00t:

Hope this works




i felt proud to be part of the lb communtity dave got a very good send off, the service was lovely.

glad i joined you all yesturday the short trip to the seaside made even more memorable wat with ginge playing the fool

in future can we make sure we keep ginge away from these

+1 and the rola cola

well done chunks it works :slight_smile:

They worked Chunky, nice one :slight_smile:

Thanks to Marklid and Stevewright for the help:)

What a good send off we gave dave, And the flowers got there in one peice on the back of the bike

Was proud to be part of it,

Must admit it was a laugh at the beach and if Dave was still with us he would have probably joined in

Glad to be there yesterday and a part of LB

ChunkyMonkey (04/06/2008)

I think I’ve uploaded something onto Youtube:w00t:Hope this works



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtV3NVspctc[/quote]Yep got 'em chunks, nice one thanks.

Yesterday made me realize how privaledge and proud i am to know most of you and to be part of your lives. I’m going all soppy on you guys now lol, but people do come and go, just want to let you all know that i am glad to know you and am privaledged to be good friends you most of you. I am here for all of you no matter what, hope to spend all my biking time with you all.

All my love to all my good friends xx

sorry for getting soppy :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t get to meet Dave and haven’t got to know many of you yet, but I was thinking of you all yesterday and all of Dave special people. It looked like a fantasic turn out, well done guys!

ditto to all the comments above, what an emotional day, so well organised and very dignified, my thoughts go to David’s family and friends.

Its wonderful to be part of such a great and caring community, I really hope we don’t have to attend similar events in future though :frowning: so please take care guys and gals

Thanks to Elad for taking me pillion, and scaring the life out of me after a couple of dogdy maneuvers… and that’s not including trying his best to get the knee down with me on the back :w00t:

He was just trying to ‘darken’ his leathers…