A great turnout for Dave.

Today made me very proud to say I’m a member of Londonbikers.

It was good to see so many turnout to give dave a good send off.

It was a very emotional day and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

It was a lovely service and what a nice family Dave had around him.

Well done to Andyp and Ginger for sorting the flowers. They were lovely, especially liked the motorbike.

It just goes to underline the fact that LBers are the best

Bon voyage Dave x

I was going to make my own post but I may as well use yours.

Just wanted to say a huge thank to everyone who came along, was wonderful to have you all there, all of David’s friend’s and family thought it was lovely that you all came, made a very tough day that little bit more bearable. His mum really enjoyed seeing you all off at the end and the vicar asked me if he could have a copy of the group pic he was in with all the bikers.

Thank you again everyone, I am am sure David was looking down with a massive smile on his face, you done us bikers proud. Stay safe everyone, see you all soon.x

LBers are the best…I so wish i could have been there too…my thoughts are with his family and you tiggi

I am sorry I couldn’t make it today but my thoughts were with you too.

It was a lovely service and standing room only in the church. A fantastic turnout from LB and I am proud to know you all.

hey guys im so sorry i couldnt make it, but i was thinking of Dave today…

An emotional day but wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Dave’s family were incredibly welcoming, and Dawn - you did sooooo well today hun :kiss:

My thanks also go to Dawn and the Families for making us all feel so welcome, it was a lovely service, heartfelt tributes along with some funny memories spoken.

The turnout from LB capped the whole day off, it was nice to see all the family smiling and waving as you rode off.

We all did Dave proud today.

can only echo what has been said, a great turnout and a good send off, i dont doubt dave was up there watching us:)

Really glad i was there today, as you said dawn it made this sad day a little easier to bear for his family and that alone makes it more than worthwhile .

Also really felt for his mum , undoubtedly she was in pieces inside but seemed to gain some strength from being able to chat with some of the lbers there .

I think It would be nice if there could be some sort of permanent tribute / memorial to dave on the site then friends and family would know he is always remembered by those who rode with him .

His mum Shelia was actually really keen to meet you all once the service had finished, she thought you were all lovely, I had to make sure she was talking about the same bunch of people :stuck_out_tongue:

I did not know Dave, but I was v sorry indeed to hear about what had happened and my thoughts are with family, Tiggi and friends.

I am pleased that you all saw him off in style and were there to support his family and Tiggi today.



Could not make it, thoughts were with everyone who attended, well done to you all for making the effort.

RIP Dave

I will never forget this day!!! It was worth every mile!! I’m sure Dave is proud of all of us, the same way i am proud to be part of this group and happy to be amongst you people!!!

A very moving day in many ways.

He had a good send off and will ride with us always.


a very good turn out indeed.

I felt privaledged being a part of today.

Love to all x

it was a very touching service, Tiggi & Dave’s family did him proud
sorry i had to leave straight after the church, had to go see my mum in hospital

probably should have stayed a bit longer to sort my head out as i really wasnt concentrating on the way to Ticehurst and back to London

I was proud and honoured to be part of Daves last ride and send off, You all did him proud,

He will ride with me always :slight_smile:

must admit to having a few tears in the eyes, on the ride down and at the service made me very proud to be part of something so special, some very moving tributes were paid to dave and his family must be so proud of him, godspeed mate

It was a lovely service and standing room only in the church. A fantastic turnout from LB and I am proud to know you all.