A bit of a wake-up call...

I’ve been stressing a lot lately, work - trying to find a new job and it’s been affecting my riding and this morning culminated in getting a tug from the fuzz

I was already late, no thanks to the petrol station counter guy waiting for the customer he was serving to count out the £11.64 in pennies before activating my pump

The tug started on Holloway Rd, pulled up alongside a police van at lights and nudged ahead of him, “passing the lead vehicle at a red light”, and moved onto some spirited progression down Liverpool Road, a nice suburban road with a 20mph advisory and hundreds of bumps, padestrian crossings. There were a number of manauvers that took me into the “other” lane, but never causing other road users to change their speed or direction.

When I was actually tugged, I was asked for my license (still provisional) which I handed over to the officer, noticing he was holding a provisional license he asked the (at the time stupid) obvious question, “where are the L plates?”, “err, I have a full motorcycle license” - which is why I have a big bike and can get through the traffic so quickly.

He’s given me a producer at Islington Station, he couldn’t work out where was closest for me, which I’ll probably do on the way to work tomorrow, making sure I leave plenty of time

I’m not proud of the fact that I was stopped by the police, if anything I’m quietly relieved that nobs on motorbikes get tugged.

It’s been a big wake-up call that my driving was not appropriate for the roads and that I should try and release my daily frustrations an alternative way. Suggestions?

As for the crime, I’m willing to do the time but again any suggestions for what I can do to ease the process would be greatfully received.


If you have a full licence why do you have a provisional on you? Did you just pass? In that case you should carry your Test Pass Certificate when riding a big bike.

yes it does pay to carry the pass certificate with you if you are still waiting, or are you riding a big bike on a provisional?

Nope, not really mate.

You could try making a video of your riding ‘style’ tho

Doesn’t sound like you rode any differently to the thousand and one other bikers in London mate, don’t berate yourself. If you have concerns about your saftey, take a BikeSafe day to get an idea as to where you are (and to have a bloody good day as well). They do city and country rides together.


sounds unlucky.

i always overtake old bill - not too crazy - for eg opposite side of road in the bus lane maybe 35, they seem ok in westminster - never seem to get pulled. Today even, came up behind a bmw old bill car doing prob 45-50 when I realised it was him, tucked in behind him and slowed down. He was watching me in his rear view, I held my hand up and no worries…there are defo good ones out there if you show the respect.

Hey Jolyon, sorry to hear that buddy - doesn’t really help your stress levels eh!!

You want to watch those silver BM’s with 3 up inside - especially the one with a scots guy hanging out the window trying to see if you’re an LB’er…

Aint that right Trojan…

Oh yes, they’ll give you right grief, them ones !

Cheers guys.

Reasons I haven’t put my bike license on my full license are based around the extortionate amount you get charged for the privaledge as well as my plan to pass my driving test in the next couple of months. Seemed logical to wait until I have both and do it all at the same time.

Jay, I actually took the BikeSafe course in April, might need to take it again…

My main worry is I’ll get points and have to retake the bike test.

The thing I don’t get is how the guy in the van saw all of my manauvers, surely if he’s in a big transit stuck in traffic and I’m a loon on a bike tearing down the road.

Anyway, thought I’d check the thread this morning before heading down to Islington Station, cheers again.


PS. The missus was very understanding (phew!) and agreed that the last couple of times she’d riden pillion had noticed she felt less safe. Time to re-evaluate my riding style me-thinks.

Was that a sneaky red or silver one with dayglo markings and a big light bar on the top that was camoflaged against a daylgo background… LoL

Only advice I can give, JR, is to simply re-evaluate your goals for the ride.

Principally the one that says “I must get to my destination as fast as possible”. Basically just chill mate and leave 5 mins earlier.

Also start asking yourself if a planned maneover is a safe one. If they are not planned far enough in advance to be considered, I’d say you might be rushing your actions and inevitably at some point compromising your safety.

good luck today

Blimey, at last some sound advice on a website thats both safe and smart…yep agree having now speant the best part of 6 weeks riding to and from the city have established a need to ride agressively but not without compromising safety nor upsetting and annoying other road users…well cannot help they sit in traffic and I can ride by - they have air con!!!

Good advice Andrew, it pays to leave early.

Left early today in fact, so I had plenty of time to take my docs to Islingtons finest, got all the way down there, parked up, checked my phone, there was a missed call (I instantly knew it was the missus), yup, the docs we still on the desk next to my computer at home.


Guess I’ll be doing that tomorrow then.


Dude, have you tried hitting the gym and taking your frustrations out on a punch bag or doing some weights? you’ll get a natural high and feel a lot better. Not that I’m one to preach as I’m not going to the gym any more but when I did go, I found it a great stress buster and was more chilled out on the road. Just don’t have the time nowadays.


You need to stop, take a deep breath and prioritise the important things in life.

Allowing pressures off the bike onto the bike is going to get you into bother.

This time it was a tug, next time it could be worse.

I’m certainly not lecturing you but you’d be amazed at how things can affect you on the road…

I recently dealt with a motorist (Jay/Foxy may recall) who was having some awful pressure at home…it culminated in him waiting at a junction and failing to see a motorcycle.

result was a collision.

And he admitted he was too distracted with events at home to ‘properly concentrate’ on what he was doing.

on a side note, why officers still give producers for licence and insurance productions is beyond me…both can me checked in a matter of moments over the radio!!!

I’ve had my confidence knocked a couple of times. We are none of us perfect. Problem with us bikers is, if it’s our only transport option, taking time out is not always possible (or necessary - I find avoiding the bike doesn’t help). If work is stressing you, you have to forget it. For me, the bike is my antidote. I climb aboard and focus on nothing else for the 45 minute ride home. And sometimes I still ride like crap!

Maybe you need to focus on your observation - I try and ride like I’m on test whenever I spot the peelers.

i know exactly how u feel matey, but u really need to put the stress behind u when u step aboard.

I was going through tunnel on A12 last week, and mind on other things (jus tlike u, major stress about jobs etc) i suddenly came out of it, and for a split second didnt know where i was…

very very dangerous on the road, i wont be doing that again!

way i keep my mind not thinking on worries and stresses of life is to concentrate hard on everything on the road, the car in front, the car in front of that one, the side roads, the cars, pedestrians in side roads, rear view mirrors, wots behind, traffic up ahead? if im going to filter, are there pedestrians that might be crossing? are there cars about to turn off?

Saying that, i nearly hit a pedestrian yesterday who decided to run out between the traffic, he did it so quick i didnt have time to beep or brake, luckily he paused!

riding in London is not something to be taken light heartedly, and if things are getting to you soo much, get the tube- i have done many times myself

Porkscratchin, I totally get your point about it being lucky to just be a tug. Don’t worry about being lecturery (is that a word?!) I’m asking for advice.

That was essentially the conclusion I came to last night talking through it with the missus and why the topic of this thread is “A bit of a wake-up call…”

I’m aware now that my driving has probably not been at it’s best for a while, well the stresses of daily life have been boiling up for a while.

As for the producer, could this be all I get? The PC said he would file a report and that someone else (presummably a proper traffic cop) would attribute a penalty to my actions. Will it end up as a he said I did X, so it must be true kind of situation? Don’t they have to prove indefutably (sp) that it happened?


:edit: Gym, ha! I’m a scrawney little weed of a guy, maybe the gym isn’t the best place for me. I could try cycling into work.

Also, historically whenever I’ve come across the fuzz I’ve repeated to myself, “Don’t give them a reason to pull you”, works wonders - for me, suddenly my riding sharpens right up. Was in to much of a “head down” state to do this yesterday, shame.


were you ‘cautioned’ at the roadside?

were the words ‘careless’ or ‘dangerous’ riding mentioned?


check the producer, on the boxes at the top there should be 1.accident 2.offence or 3. account.

see if ‘offence’ is ticked, if so that would imply you have been reported…but it would have been made clear to you at the time…the caution coupled with him saying ‘I’m reporting you for blah blah blah’

hope that helps.

A wake up call that a lot of motorists have.
Sound advice there, the gym/swimming/cycling or even walking will do wonders for your concentration.
Make sure you have a good break at work too, if your doing your full day without a proper one (i.e. away from the desk/area, then it will take its toll.

Safe riding