8/8/10 Fractured Biscuit Rideout

Brokeback Hobnob rideout, depart the Ace 9.30.

No knobers, Harleys, 125s, dunkers or girls.:smiley:

Dammit, going to BSB Sunday…you’re not by any chance passing Swanley on this ride? :smiley:

Hope to make this one Chris but only a maybe at the mo:D

Dammit too. Will be haggis hunting and chasing Nessie around the glens.:stuck_out_tongue:

Will this be ‘Nice’ rideout with a ‘Custard Cream’ ‘Rich Tea’ involved? :smiley:

Perhaps Ginger and his nuts might participate?


sorry am chasing sheep

Where are we off to?


Interested, I would need to know direction and distance incase I can’t do the whole ride. :slight_smile:

You could easily do the bit as far as the hob nob factory:D

Looks like i’ll be seeing you all on sunday then,:smiley:

any jammy dodgers coming along?

is that the plain hobnob factory or the chocolate hobnob factory …?

No girls… :crying:

Women allowed of course;)

I would of joined you on this but its the day im going back so im going to do the BCR as it’ll be my only chance this year and ive not got time to go riding for the best part of the day before driving back to germany.Hope you all have fun and i shall catch you when im back next. Im hoping to finaly make an LB xmas party this year so may see you there

Would love to come along, but guess I wont be able to make it (again).

Still, that’s the way the cookie crumbles :smiley:

Chocolate:D but we`ll probably go on somewhere afterwards.:stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like we’re doing this just in time chaps:


Let’s hope we get a good turn-out to support the ailing British biscuit industry.

Let’s also hope we don’t get too many posh gits coming along (those from Berkshire for example;) ) with their hand-made confections. They should be ashamed of themselves and the consequences of their actions!:slight_smile:

We`ve bought the biscuits and visited the destination, now all we have to do do is plan a route home.:stuck_out_tongue:

PM sent.:slight_smile: