8/8/10 Fractured Biscuit Rideout

I admire your tribute to Great British Industry. Personally I’ve always loved a custard cream however you really can’t beat M&S’s Jaffa cakes.
I’ve been watching what I eat for the last 2 months so biscuits have been off the menu along with almost everything else, good results though.
I’m out tonight so do not know how late a night or how messy it might get.
So if I wake early with no hangover, I would love to join you for a great day out in the saddle.

Have a good night, maybe see you all in the morning


More than likely. Though 10.45am may be too late for you.:slight_smile:

Hope you can make it we have a varied treat in store.:smiley:

I should arrange to meet you in some random city, where i am not actually located and then have you hunt me down from a set of clues like Anneka Rice. :smiley:

Though I suppose we already done that once.

Have a fun trip wish I could come along, always a treat riding with the Jets.

I’ll be there. Wowo. Adjusted the clutch lever and even packed the right socket to adjust mid route. Have to practice my lines following Bikesafe.

Thank you for your kind words Kaos.

However we must point out that as dumb a blonde as Anneka is she may even know which town her parents live in:w00t:

PS: Clues … mmmmmmmmm can you manage those???

Now limited to twelve riders for the sake of safety and propriety.:slight_smile:

Thanks all for a really good day out. Just got home. Rear tyre shagged.

Thanks to Jets for another good day. Thanks Ang for TG. The Plough at Eynsford is a good stop. :slight_smile:

Must admit Chris, that was a bloody good ride-out, great bunch of riders too. Quite surprised how quickly I dried off after going through that puddle.:Whistling::smiley:

One of the best ever. Fantastic day. I’m building some confidence with the CBR now which is cool, and slowly but surely getting the hang of the riding position. Great crew today also. Pleasure to ride with one and all.

Once we hit the A4 I shot off as I was on auto pilot (I drive that route most days).

Here is the route:

252 Miles Completed in 10:07:59.

some pics…

Thanks for a lovely day and to those marking the corners when I had to stop for a bit :sick:

I feel rough and am bl00dy knackered now, seems an age since I’ve been out with you all :smiley:

Sorry about yer rear tyre Kevin, you missed some of the best bits!:crying:Thanks to Ang for tailgunning and everyone else for being such a brilliant group.:slight_smile:

Thanks to all for humouring the whimsies of my febrile mind with such good grace.:smiley: (I have always wanted to see a Hobnob factory)

Outside the Hobnob factory:)

Splashing around in Eynsford.:stuck_out_tongue:

What fun we had.

Lunch at Wessons.

And we bumped into Sneaky:w00t:

A272, Goodwood tunnel and a cup of tea by the airstrip then on to Bosham for a final stop.

Looks fun :slight_smile: Hope you guys gave it some in the tunnel;)

Just realised the two of you could have used the bridge…boys will be boys :stuck_out_tongue:

We did - a few extra beans for you:D:D

Once again thanks for a great day out. Really enjoyed the ride and the company.

:w00t:cant believe you rode through that Ford:w00t: Know it very well as we live just up the road from there.

Did you manage to keep going?:hehe:

Keep going? I should say so, Mark even managed it on his Busa though it did seem to hold a lot of water!:smiley:

Rob and I did it twice, it was such fun.:slight_smile:

For the Blackbird it would be no more than a quick preen in a waterbath.:stuck_out_tongue: