600cc sports into ford transit connect/vw caddy

hi guys just a quick one anyone know if you can fit a 600 sports bike into the ford transit connect or the newer shape vw caddy think the vw 04 plates onwards.thanks for any replies.


Measure twice cut once, you may have to take the wheels off and then some :w00t:

yep know all about measure twice cut once after i cut a 90 meter 150m2 cable run 20 meters to short at work last week…:crying:,not to worry ended up a nice bit of scrap for the boys…:laugh:

If you can’t get the bike inside the van you can always strap it across the roof with the cable :wink:

Just not upright like a giraffe :frowning:

Got a Moto Guzzi 250TS inside a Mk2 Escort Van once… if that helps

I’ve hired a Transit van a couple of times over the years to pick up largeish (well Moto Guzzi Bellagio, Ducati Sport Classic) i’ve bought over the years.

Always thought I could save money with a Transit connect but never did…

The interior dimensions should be on the web somewhere???

yeah had a look on the net ford connect is 68.5 inch long and bike is 79 so it defo don’t go straight in , just wondering if it s fits in diagonally corner to corner,really don’t want to buy full size transit.

I put my daytona 955i into a connect I had to put it in diagonally but it wasn’t to much hassle

cool just had a look and the daytona 955 is actually 4 inches longer than my daytona 675 ,think i will start viewing some obviously takin the bike with me just to be 100% sure it will fit.
thanks for all replies.

What about a trailer and tow bar job

not to keen on towing a trailer have to watch your speed,don’t really have anywhere to store a trailer, and they just look like general hassle,i only use my car to go food shopping once a week so i have no problems getting rid of the car for a van… did look at just hiring a van for a track day but can’t really find any decent prices especially to rent it on a sunday…

Yes they fit in the VW Caddy, diagonally but they fit. Not much room for anything else mind so paddock stands tyre warmers and fuel cans might be an issue.

Have been looking at the connects but look slightly small, the Citroen dispatch look slightly bigger and think will fit my SV650

Get a proper transit those connects are fine for a plasterer or sparky , but for track days and putting bikes in and out … yer gonna get real sick of the hassle really quick . Much better to be able to roll it straight in and straight out and have room for other essentials … tools , fuel ,tyres …etc etc . I know this as my buddy lasted 3 race meets with a connect … said **** that shite and got a proper transit like he should have done in the first place . … and his is only a RGV250 .

ok can answer this myself, just been to look at the standard swb connect and the bike don’t fit in…:frowning:

probably will fit into the lwb version …my search continues.

There two versions I didn’t know that
I rented mine and was told by the bloke there his bike fitted in it so mine would I didn’t ask about what model it was
I’ll ask him tomorrow

Now thats the way to do it … Tiger skin and silk … **** YEAH !!!


Rixxy is/was selling one of his vans :slight_smile:


might go and look at this one tomorrow http://vans.autotrader.co.uk/used-vans/ford/transit-connect/2005-ford-transit-connect-high-roof-van-l-tdci-90ps-diesel-harefield-vfpa-8ad09190471fbfce014738ea845617f1
also there is a vauxhaul vivaro in harlow which is a much better size and looks ok.

yep saw rixxys one but 5,000 way over my budget.

opps seems like the one in the link has gone already so off to view the one in harlow on thursday.