£60 fine for cyclists jumping red lights

The driver of the car should not have been overtaking the cyclists on the bend. - very naughty

The cyclists should not have been riding side by side. - very naughty

The biker had a bad position into the bend. - a little silly

very naughty + very naughty x a little silly = JESUS! ! that was close

Good to see some punishment for running red lights but will be costly to enforce.

I would like to point out I stated all those issues with the video, the poor road position, the terrible over-taking and the cyclists side by side.

You are offering up no new information.

Cyclists are a danger on the road. They are unpredictable and English roads are not wide enough to give them the berth they need.

And frankly, why should any vehicle driver that has paid for the priviledge of using the road have to sit behind some ponce on a push-bike who has paid nothing for five minutes because the road ain’t wide enough to pass?

Since when was that “ok”?

My feelings have been expressed, there should be extensive cycle lanes, and some crappy paint put down with a white line that everyone ignores, but proper cycle only lanes like they have in Europe. Then cyclists should be banned from the road.

Until then, if you want to travel somewhere and you don’t want to drive and you want to keep fit doing it?

Then walk.

Can I just add, that last bit was just a bit of a joke. I don’t really mind cyclists, though I do think they should be banned from the roads, but only AFTER an extensive and proper cycle lane system has been created.

Nuke them, nuke them all! :smiley:

In response to Kaos’ comments…

Come on man, be serious would ya, think about what you’re saying! Are you going to have cycle lanes put on EVERY road in the UK…winding country roads in the back of beyond and all…or do you mean cities / urban areas only?

As for your point about all cyclists being a danger - I should think my mate who is now a pro road racer and past elite british XC mountain biking champion along with other cyclists like Sir Chris Hoy, might take issue with you, given that you think their riding skills are so poor even they are a danger on the road!

As someone who is a proficient cyclist, being that I have raced bikes at national level, I can see both sides of the argument - yes, cyclists should be fined if they are CAUGHT jumping a red light, same as motorbikers should be fined if they are CAUGHT speeding etc - we all break the law from time to time on the road, it just depends on your luck if you get caught.

As for road tax for cyclists - I already pay for my car and motorbike, I don’t think I should have to pay to use my bike that does zero damage to the roads.

yes I mean everywhere Stu.

If you can build a road down it for cars, why not add 1 or 2 feet either side for cycles?

I am all for pushbikes and honestly think they should be far better catered for, and promoted as a means of transport. They are environmentally friendly, ease congestion and help keep people fit and active.

They are all positives.

The only downside to cycles are the fact that British roads are just not designed for them.

Who said ANYTHING about poor riding skills Disco Stu?

I never said anything about riding skills or ability. You can be the best rider in the world, but you are still a hazard on the roads, because you are travelling slower then other vehicles.

Did you know if you drive along in a car at 10mph in a 40mph zone it is an offence? You would fail your driving test for doing that because you are causing a hazard to other road users.

Yet on a push-bike this is absolutely normal and accepted behaviour.

Discu Stu, you speak so true

You’ve actually said something which is factually correct for a change Kaos.

Road were not designed for cycles. They were designed for the horse or the horse pulled cart. What are cars doing on the road at all!

Thinking about it, I hear horses are not indigenous to Great Britain. It should be pedestrian traffic only. Where did it all go so terribly wrong.

I cycle, ride a motorbike and occasionally drive a car so can see things from the perspective of each type of road user.

I have to agree with Old Guy though, I have been injured by a push bike. I was literally knocked off my feet by a bike that suddenly and unpredictably swerved to the wrong side of a shared path in Richmond Park. It cracked some vertebrea in the base of my spine - I was sooo lucky as it is the bit without spinal cord. Needless to say the oaf didn’t stop.

When I worked in Acton, cyclists routinely rode through pedestrian crossings and verbally abused those who wouldn’t get out of their way. They rode into people and then yelled at them; even little old ladies and mums with kids in tow were subjected to this behaviour.:angry:

I do not hate cyclists but the type of behaviour described above must be stopped.

Rant over.

Going through Old Street roundabout this morning (8:45) the lights changed to red. All the traffic stopped. ALL the traffic stopped.

Yep even the bikes! I was “eh WTF?”. I didn’t see a single bike go through.

More than a coincidence I reckon :wink:

Not all cyclists ride slow - in fact, did Jezza and his kronies from Top Gear not prove that a push bike was faster than a car in London when they all raced to London City Airport?! What about horses, they are allowed on the road and they go slow…mmmmm fit girls in jodpers…sorry I digress!!:wink: What about tractors…they go very slow, and are allowed in the road.But seriously, putting aside everyone’s petty greivances and silly arguments, no particular group of road users has any greater right than the other to be on the road - fact of the matter is that we all need to get along to stay safe so we can go home to our families and friends at the end of the day. And when we come across a knob of a pedestrian, cyclist, motorbiker, car driver, lorry driver or whatever, just let it wash over you and pray that they don’t injur someone and that they get caught and fined for their irresponsible behaviour, who ever they are.

sorry you are wrong I have more right to the road than anybody else.

Roads have been built for cars for over 50 years.

Hence the removal of cobble stones almost everywhere and the creation of a pavement for pedestrians.

All I suggest is that we do the same for bicycles and adapt the roads to suit the changing needs of road users.

If we can create a pavement for pedestrians, then we can create cycle lanes.

You make some good points Stu. Horses and tractors are quite rare in the city, but you do see them occasionally but I wouldn’t want to create special lanes for them, they are too rare for that.

Bicycles are great in the city, I completely agree, but they are dangerous and they needn’t be.

Every man for themselves eh superoli?! I like it:P

Simple really cyclists should stop at red lights and wait for green like everyone else. No excuse for jumping red lights.

Kaos come on there’s plenty of room on the roads for cycles- you just need to slow down for them and give them a wide berth. You have no more right to use the road than anyone else. The motorbike on that video took the bend all wrong. If you can’t see what’s round the bend put yourself in a better road position and travel at a speed where you can see and react if you need to. :slight_smile:

Again you not adding any new information lessismore, I already stated we all know the biker didn’t take the bend very well, the 4x4 driver shouldn’t be overtaking on the bend and the cyclists shouldn’t be riding side by side. Nothing new there.

Also you are factually incorrect, there is not plenty of room, it is not easy to give cyclists a wide berth. British roads are simply not that well built.

I see absolutely no problem with advocating a massive infrastructure for cyclists to improve the roads for everyone.

Not like they going away, been around for like 100 years or something, it’s not a fad.

LOKI-JME your ripostes are very amusing today:D:D

It may or may not be a good idea to fine rule-breaking cyclists but the practicality of catching them, getting money off them there and then (they don’t have to give a real name & address) mihgt be a problem.

Koas should run for Mayor of London!

I’m only kidding, I get frustrated with cyclists but if they were in cars instead it would just increase the congestion on our roads. I personally think cyclists should be taxed and insured and obey with the same road rules like everyone else. I must add I’m not a saint and don’t obey the rules always myself but if I get caught I’d have to pay up.