£60 fine for cyclists jumping red lights

just watched BBC London News - according to their report the police will target hotspots in London where there is loads of traffic and will fine cyclists who jump red lights…some justice at last?

cyclists would probably say the same about motorbikers speeding. which is more dangerous?

Too bloody right, what just 'cause they don’t have an engine they can jump red lights?
Cyclists are dangerous, i do despise then!

Yeah but if you speed you face the chances of being fined.

Cyclists jumping lights really don’t face any chances of being fined, until now.

I’ve seen plenty of them being fined for it personally

if we speed we get fined - if they break the law nothing happens…and they can cause havoc at busy junctions…the amount of times I had to swerve around a cyclist going through a red light…good practice for the Mod 1 though :wink:

The lights issue is bad enough but the one I can’y forgive is the overtaking/riding over zebra crossings when there are pedestrians already on the crossing.

Happens regularly in my urban “village” despite having lights controlled crossings.

now that is good news! Too much of that around here. Not to mention cyclists bombing it down the wrong way on one way streets.

Good, i hate these guy’s getting away with it.

It’s £30, not £60.

that’s been around for ages, but at £30 (same as riding on the pavement), i’ve seen people getting this.

All good and well, but how often will they actually get caught.

There aren’t enough resources to police this (maybe the odd check up now and again), but its not like camera’s can catch them, so they can pretty much carry on regardless.

If I was cycling in London I think i’d still chance it. I dont actually have a problem with them doing it when done safely i.e. slowly approach and check nothing is coming etc.
It gets them ahead of the junction and out of the way, so actually safer for all of us.

Its the ones who speed through withouth checking for pedestrians and other traffic that are the problem.

LOL - Bigoted fools, form an orderly queue here.

I am a cyclist, I leave my motorbike and ride the 28 miles into work and the 28 miles back about once every other week when the weather is decent.

I have never seriously injured myself in a motorbike accident, beyond some bruising, strains, grazing and injured pride. Twice however, I have ended up broken and in hospital because of some arse-wipe who knocked me off my bicycle. Last time being last August; resulting in another broken collar bone, amongst other injuries.

There is a saying, “Walk a day in another’s shoes, before you start throwing stones”

You cannot paint everyone with the same brush, cyclists, motorcyclist, drivers, Muslims, youths, etc, etc.

And 250ninjar, the only people I despise are bigots. I’ll pencil your name on that list for moment, as when we meet, and you are not manically spitting the froth of hate all over your keyboard; I will find you to be much more moderate in your views?

I may have been dreaming but I thought I heard Westminster were going to allow cyclists to ride down one way streets the wrong way.

Now don’t get me wrong , I spent the first 25 years of my life bombing it around London on a push bike , but it’s that incredibly dangerous for everyone , more so the cyclist ?

I heard about this also JC, I thought it was a little barmy too

LOL +1

I still can’t believe I am reading this. Also do you notice the only one taking an open view is a cyclist.

Car drivers hit on motorcyclists, motorcyclist hit on cyclists and cyclist hit on pestridons… the list is never ending.

As i mentioned before, jealously is a nasty thing… if cyclists get caught they will have to pay up… just like a speeding motorcyclists.

You have to ask yourself, how many of you have not obeyed the highway code and not been caught? Or fined?? Even going 1 mile over the speed limit?

This debate is pointless. Can’t we moan about something more appropiate like VAT being raised?:w00t:

Loki two things.1, That is a massive abuse of the word bigot. Quite possibly the most inappropriate use of the word I have ever seen.

2, Nothing 250rNinja has said has even generalised about cyclists. Cyclists are dangerous and do cause hazards. Admittedly, this is not always their fault, but they are the root cause.

Take a look at this video…and yes the rider is aware his road position is rubbish, and yes the 4x4 driver is a huge tit…would it have happened if cyclists were not there? No is the simple answer. The fact that two of them are riding side by side is neither here nor there.

They are the root cause. How many times does this happen, how many times do cars pull out around cyclists without bothering to look properly into the path of bikers or other car drivers?

Cyclists simply should not be on the road with motorised vehicles. Should be in special cycle lanes alone. For everyone’s benefit.

I’m not going to get into a cyclically spiralling debate into the mundane with you Kaos, I am far too superficial; and I try to avoid any of your posts (that you are more than entitled to publish) which attempt to dissect the minutiae of every word, punctuation mark, and inferred comment to the point that the original concepts are totally lost. I allow you to go and wallow in your bath of self-congratulation, you ninja of the debate you. Whilst I pop off and post my usual mindless self-entertaining bleatings

But I cannot resist to tell you; you are wrong (there you stealthy bugger you - you got me to bite), and equally guilty of making sweeping statements, as 250ninjar

  • "Cyclists are dangerous, i do despise then!"
    A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices. The correct use of the term requires the elements of intolerance, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs.
    The term has evolved to refer to persons hostile to people of differing race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, and religion in modern English usage.*

The evolved term implies any segment of people who can grouped. In this instance cyclists.

Don’t worry; I am equally as intolerant of bigots who despise ALL motorcyclist for some misplaced reason. You could say I am bigoted towards bigots. See what I did there? How clever am I?

we probably feel the same about cyclists as some cars feel about us filtering… :slight_smile:

would be good to see some justice though

Ignoring the comment about the bigots.

That video clearly only shows that you don’t over take on a bend. The cyclist only caused the car driver to make a bad decision, that was the route cause (have you ever done route cause analysis at all? as this only make you look like you like playing the balme game, rather than looking at what really casued the accident). The cyclist was not at fault.

Have you taken you theory test lately in the apst few years? The hazard perception test is designed for these types of situations. And when you are taught to drive/ride, you learn to assess harzards and wait patiently until the situation is safe before you carry out any action on the road. This applies to everyone using the road.