46 Down..

on me way home from…braked…very lightly anyway due to the weather, and the next thing i knew i was sliding down the road with my bike towards a car:w00t: i missed the car but my bike didnt…slammed into the under side and destroyed the front platics and few other bits :frowning: i slid 3oft in a pair of teddy smith jeans, they held up well, but i have bashed my knee, same on hurt in a previous off…bugger

god knows what happened, happned fast i know that, from quite low speed too,.

proper pissed off:angry::crying:





Ratty glad you’re ok, shame about thumper

Sorry to hear that Ratty - glad you are in one piece…

If you need to hit the hospital - get down there…I know the adrenalin covered up some badly bruised ribs when I went over. Better safe than sorry.

Fingers xd you get back in the saddle before too long.

just try’d ringing ya bro, hope your ok m8, remember SMILE :smiley:

O b0llox, a sorry sight. Diesel, oil on the road? Hope you mend soon, bike looks fixable, but its a fair few bits.

shite mate hope you are ok, roads where crap today, diesel everywhere!!!

Ah mate - glad you walked away - love to Thumper

Awwww mate so sorry to see this:crying: even more sorry is our Zak he’s actually crying! he too sends you his best wishes and hopes thumper2 can be repaired.

Sorry to hear this dude.

Hope you heal up soon and get checked out at the hospital if need be.

aaah feck!! glar your alright(ish) mate… hopw the bike looks worse than it is??

was it diesel? dont think it was ice as not cold enough…

Sorry to hear this mate! Sounds like a classic diesel incident! :wink:

Poor Ratty & Thumper :crying:

Argh, very sorry to hear this, but I hope you and the bike get healed quickly.

Incidents like this are the reason I think ABS should be compulsory on all bikes. When I did my DAS some years back, the other guy who was doing his at the same time did his braking practice during the morning of the test and, without warning, the front locked up and whack, he was down. Dry road surface, no diesel or anything.

That incident properly dented both our confidence (didn’t stop us from passing though).

Now I will only ever ride bikes with ABS.

ouch karmas a right biatch

its is but i dotn make a habit of riding like a c*nt…as you do:D

should watch karma mate, might turn up and SLAP you in tyour little head you stupid BOY

dont fuk with me…you will lose.

and to everyone else…

thanks for the messages, feelign rather down at the mo, im 3PT&F only, so i am hoping the forks and front wheel are straight;)

i’m pretty sure there was no diesel, maybe oil, maybe just a case of a cold damp road and a cold tyre and somnething i done, or maybe not, i have noidea, but in the main im uninjured so its all gooooood!:cool:

she might even be fightered, who knows>?

Or maybe it was a sticky caliper. I’m hearing of a few this winter with all that salt about, corroding and gumming up the pads and pistons… anyway good luck with it.


hmmm its possible i spose, either way its down now, need to sort it ASAP!

errrr how rude is this??? jeez if you cannot say something nice dont say anything!!!

:angry:sorry site to see

hope its not as bad as its looks

good you are ok

i slipped quite a few times didnt think i was gona make it

at one point, thought me tyers were low

hope you get it fixed soon

good luck