33bhp bigger bikes

After riding around a Yamaha SR125 on a CBT for 11 months, i did my test, and passed last Thursday :D. Now im after a new bike. My dad doesn’t want me to get anything restricted, so I need it to be 33bhp out of the box. and im looking at under £1000, and ideally not older then me (1992).
the original plan was to get a MZ 660 of some sort but that’s no longer an option :unsure:
and just to get even more picky, im not a fan of cruisers, the cb250 or sr250 (although the cb is growing on me:P).

other ideas are like the Suzuki goose sg350, but that’s an import so i don’t know what the parts availability is like.

thanks in advance.

well done on passing :slight_smile:

thanks :smiley:

getting a 250 or whatever already at 33bhp is a false economy IMO. when the 2 years are up you can whip the restrictors out and you’ll have a whole new bike to enjoy.

doing it the other way means you’ll instantly want another bike after the 2 years incurring the costs of depreciation and stuff.

my advice would be the usual sv650, bandit that you’ve heard many times before! :wink:

Spot on 33bhp is the Ninja 250. However don’t think that you are going to pick one up for £1k though

that’s what everyone says, the problems are that I cant afford to run a 600, and im borrowing money off of my dad to get the bike, so what he says goes - must be 33bhp.

Wel done for the test.

In honesty, what your looking for is any (well, almost) bike for £1000. Finding one of those that’s worth having for that money is where you should start. Good bikes at that price are thin on the ground.

You can’t get too picky about what make/model at this stage. Find out what sort of things you can get then decide which of those you can live with.

The Yamaha SRX 400 is a jap imported single … like the SRX600. They make 33hp and if you look around they did a monshock version. Not sure about the power but a Honda 400 Bros or Hawk, again Jap import would make a good first bike

Other than that have you considerred a trail bike they have lower power but usually more torque something like the Suzuki DR350 (uses the same engine as the Goose)

Well done for passing mate this is really good news :slight_smile:

I myself had a yam SR125 for 4 years :w00t: and after doing my A2 test on it i bought a SV650s and put a restricter kit on it and it was fine, no worries.

But what is it that scares your dad with a bigger bike?

thanks people:)
i found this list of 33 bhp bikes, although its not all of them it’s quite handy.

ill keep my eyes out for an srx400, they look quite nice, thanks.

and D Two Nine, i think he is just worried that i wont be able to keep putting petrol in it - which is fare enough i probably cant.:Wow:

Congratulations Boris. :smiley:

Well done for passing mate. I hope you find something worth keeping after the 2 years go by. That SRX400 look alright

How much miles on average do you do? i will try work out how much it would be, bare it in mind that if our riding styles are different consumption will slighty varrie.

Raquib has a restrictor on his R6 you could PM him and ask what sort of consumption he gets from that and ask his advise on what might be a good option with regards to a 250 or a bigger engine. Or do as Dani and buy an SV650 and get it restricted.

err i dont know :unsure:
if i work it out, its about 60 miles a week commuting, plus loads of just riding around/taking the 'long; route places :P:D
in total id guess around 120-130 miles in a week - that sounds like a lot…

…not when an average Jetstream rideout is 300+ just on a Sunday :smiley:

yeah ill try, but the r6 is sporty, and therefore have a low mpg, whereas the bikes id be looking at would hopefully have a better mpg.

anyone else here got a restricted 600?

EDIT: i could just ask my brother, he has a restricted cb500:doze:

True - but it is just that - a day out - we don’t commute on it - he’s looking at it from a transport point of view (for now:w00t:):wink:

I get 125miles out of about 15litres of fuel on a R6. The is coming out and looking forward to the performance and getting a new bike essentially!!!

Not long to go now eh fella before that R6 can ride like it was meant to, so you better give the keys to someone else;)