2020 Fireblade

215bhp. Discuss.

Electronics: ‘Smart Key’ keyless does away with ignition barrel, lets Ram Air duct a straight path to airbox. 6 axis IMU for quicker dynamic ‘awareness’ (one less calculation than 5 axis), 3-level steering damper, usual raft of TC cornering ABS etc.

Personally I think the name CBR1000RR-R is a bit stupid.

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MM-Maybe one of the DD-Development boys had a SS-Stutter?

Its a sports bike, I don’t do sports bikes…

but if I did :wink:

The name reminds me of the great shervin rrr


this is a yes from me…

OMG :crazy_face:

Best not tell @Michael748 how fast it goes unrestricted

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its a yes from me
the last fireblade i liked was the 08 white one

Looks hot. I would.

It’s unnecessary, unsuitable and downright irresponsible.

Wow do I want, want, want one :grin:

It’s like the girlfriend my mum didn’t like me bringing home :wink:

If I was 20 years younger I would probably go for it, but mainly been a yamaha lover.

It’s completely impractical, way beyond my ability and would scare the living sh out of me.

So yessssssss! Gimme gimme gimme the pirate impersonator NOW :heart_eyes:

@ Janey, how are you getting on with the kawaski ?


I’ve only managed about 2.5k miles on it, so I’ve barely run it in. But… From the little I’ve done on it I love it. It’s a VERY different beast from the 675s and after a 12 year love affair with them it’s taking a while to deprogramme myself. On the negative side, the throttles really snatchy and the quickshifter is lumpy in comparison to Triumphs. That’s made up for with the power coming with a nice spread once its past about 6k and it’s surprising nimble and easy to corner (although the rider’s still kin useless). It’s nowhere near as smooth or refined - or pretty! - as the Daytona but it’s sooooo much easier to ride and a much better riding position.

I’d still happily swap it for an RRRRRRRRRRR-R though :joy:

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Love it!! now strip the fairings off and give us a proper naked!

I like it. With 215bhp would you ever get out of 1st on a rideout though? 1st must cover 0 - 100+.

My old ZX-10R would do 105 in first gear.



So saw this in the flesh at NEC and it has keyless ignition which firstly I’m not a fan of, but if you’re going to have a button to turn the bike on at least put it in an easily accessible place no?

Really? It’s not on the handgrip as part of the kill switch? Nuts.

I wonder how keyless ignition will affect the bike-jackings we’ve been experiencing. Will it make it harder to snatch a bike at the traffic lights, or will it mean they just stick a knife under your helmet and demand the key fob? Same result, just more violence.

That was my first thought! initially for the first few who actually have no idea will be amusing to watch them crash when they are out of range of the key.

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