1st Time @ Cubana

Hi All

Tonight will be the first time that I will be at the Cubana, I have been on here for some time but due to the crazy shift pattern I work I have not been before.

So will many of you be there tonight? Even though the weather is a bit crap today?

See you all there.


Nice one Russ! See you there

I’ll be up there -

but have to leave early tonight loads of work to do…

and the voices in my head said the sun was coming out - i believe them!!!

I’ll be there Russ… Hopefully the weather will clear up!!

Foxy see ya tonight - we did not get a chance to catch up last time…

Chuffster shall be in town again, no matter what the weather decides to do.

I have to speak to the chairman of the Brazilian National futebol team supporters (UK Branch) tonight, so I will be there.

Gonna watch some footy at Walkabout Temple after work with some mates (I only watch football during the world cup) and then gotta catch the train to Wimbledon from Waterloo so might drop by like 10ish… probably in a partially inebriated state !..

Dont forget your england shirt Russ,

Cezar says everyone has got to wear one at Cubana…hes new rules !!!

and anyone with a Brazil flag is buying drinks all night!!!

This " canuck" with a funny accent is gonna be there too eh!

Havent been along for a couple of weeks due to other commitments, so think I will pop along on foot, so I can have a few drinks

Hey Mcload,

What time are you going tonite? I am going straight from work…

TDM and Andrew I owe you each a drink guys so better be there

Great stuff Russ and Nightstalker! See you guys there!

Probably be there bout 7 ish - have to sort out an MOT today on my second bike, but at the moment the bloody battery has gone again so timing fluid, but will be on foot tonight anyways as wanna drink

OK someone tell me how to get there? im in chadwell heath essex? i have GOT to try and get there at least once !!! Abbeyj, where you leaving from, you in cage or taking bike? text me?

hey i will be there! hope it doesnt rain!

got loadsa new peeps to meet!

Weather iffy but only light shower expected so I don’t care I will be there.


I’ll be there!


sorry can’t make it tonight as seeing a mate tonight for dinner - she’s 3 months pregnant, bless!