1st Time @ Cubana

Going to be there for the first time too…well, the first time for more than 15 minutes

Blade, if you want I can meet you in east london somewhere and guide you in. Let me know either way.


I’ll see you down there later on

I heard a worrying story that its you that needs guiding in mate !!!..

GUTTED… I can’t be there folks. My bike is still in the garage getting tyres fittes, wheels are out and they don’t have time to get tham back in so no bike tonight


SV I chatted to Blade and am gonna meet up with her.

damn and i was hoping you’d be there so i wan catch you shout abouse at cage drivers following you back along the a40

see you next week then

I maybe at the bridge fri and definatly going to Bognor sat

Err not going sadly, as things to do and footie to watch.


Aww sorry !!! i just come onto the site, saw your pm and others i got? thanks all for that…got them too late !! i will have to get directions next time…thanks again. Have a safe ride there and back all…