13,000 miles service on my ZX-10R - Guess how much?

I bought my toy on 17th Juy this year for £7,000, with 8,314 on the clock. Yesterday, I had it service at 13, 494 miles, by the wonderful Derek Guyver, my mechanic of choice for 32 years.

The service comprised of; oil, oil filter, sump plug washer, brake fluid, plugs, two pairs of front brake pads, and his labour.

So come on guys, take a guess at the bottom line price.

£180-£200 maximum if it is Mates rates.

Dealer prices probably add another £100


Is he any relation to Rob Guyver?? Races in the Ducatti Tri Options Cup in the BSB Calendar, He is from Rainham near me and his team is a Ducatti dealers at the end of my Mums road (Next door to Jack Lilley in Romford)


Very specific there Mian :slight_smile:

Firstly £7000 !!! … bought mine in July, '09 with 2885 on the clock … £6250.

Oil - £30.00
Filter - £7.50
Sump Plug Washer - £2.00
Brake Fluid - £5.00
2no Pair Brake pads - £46.00
Spark Plugs - £28.00
Labour @ £60 - Oil & Filter change - 20mins, Brake Fluid change - 20mins, Spark Plugs - 20mins, Brake Pads - 20mins TOTAL 1hr 20mins = £80

TOTAL - £198.50

My guess:

Oil - £15
Oil filter - £10
Sump plug washer - £1
Brake fluid - £7
Plugs - £15
Two pairs of front brake pads - £35
His labour - 2 hours at a friendly £35/h rate = £70

Total: £148

Free cos you’re a loyal customer

A quick reach around and a packet of skittles

@Marmablade - I don’t think he is related to Rob, but coincidentatlly, his garage is near Rainham.

@IanWilliamson - I know I paid a little over the going rate, but it I wanted a white one it very good condition. A few people on here can testify as to how well I kept my previous toy ( www.aceman.uk ).

@brains_t - I am only loyal to those who are worthy of such.

So it was free then

I paid £7k for mine in 2007 with 0 miles on it, a free set of Akras & interest free credit! :wink:

If they’ve not improved access to the plugs then he’s either charged you a small fortune or lied about changing them!

£140 at a guess ?

Are the spark plugs anything like mine? Side fairings off, tank raised, ignition coils off and its still a proper squeeze to get 'em in and out and about an hours labour?

The parts can be had for <£100.00
The labour should also be <£100.00 (depending on how the spark plugs are accessed)


Dilligaf ?

The racer’s name is spelled Guiver, so no relation we assume.

I bet it was no where near what I just paid for a 12000 mile service on my sprint GT.

@Aceman - “I know I paid a little over the going rate, but it I wanted a white one it very good condition” … crickey, think I got a better deal than I thought I had. Mines white and next to new.

Oh come on … do tell