13,000 miles service on my ZX-10R - Guess how much?

I’ll be disappointed now if the payment is just monetary…this has been rather built up

Pound of flesh?
If not… a pounding of flesh?

Come on axeman, you need to spill the… beans

A quick reach around, a packet of skittles and a packet of wheat crunchies.

Haha, if it’s that cheap I’ll take the Triumph :grinning:

Did you have to show him the dragon?

@Mole - how can you do a quick reach around AND eat your skittles AND each you crunchies. You must be VERY multi-talented !!!

This guys feed up waiting for the answer too …

My guess is… Aceman is too busy pushing a broken down bike to a garage to reply to this thread.
Moral of that is… Don’t skimp and get cheap services :wink:

or it was so expensive his internet has been cut off from non-payment??

Aceman has been sighted in person since the aforementioned service, albeit on foot.

He has paid the first part
And he has popped out for a bag of skittles

or did he choke on the skittles during the other bit and aceman fears the impending lawsuit?

Sod the skittles … what’s he done with the Crunchies? … or should that be “where’s he shoved them?”

Maybe he mistakenly bought spicy tomato flavour instead of smokey bacon…
Do I remember correctly at one point a few years ago there was limited edition minty skittles in a greeny/blue packet? Or am I making that up?

@Jetstream - Cheeky man. When I met you in Palmers Greek on Tuesday, I told you how much it cost. Your reply was “That’s just the parts.”

@ National Treasure - The tank has to be lifted and I think the airbox removed to access the spark plugs. One was a real problem, the others were only a little easier as they were very tight. Derek said that it looked like the they had never been changed, and the top of the plugs had started rusting. He lubricated (no, that’s not a queue for a dirty joke Wise) the spark plug caps, so they’ll be very easy to remove in future.

@TimR - “Dilligaf”?

@Abzero - You’re going to be disappointed then.

@Serrisan - Although I have been offered cash to thump people, that’s not really one of the services I provide. Axeman, ha ha, no way, the weapons I have are far more stylish. Acutally, there’s a picture of them somewhere on here.

@mole - You and Wise seemed to be cut from the same cloth. Related?

@Cypher - Hell no.

Ok guys, here’s the breakdown:

Oil £34.00
Oil filter £ 8.00
Sump plug washer £ 0.20
Spark plugs £28.00
Pads £36.64
Service £45.00
Total £153.84
Tip £20.00

Cypher was closest then