1000+cc Sports bikes - Why?


its how u use it :wink:

Yyyeeesssssss!! :smiley:

I can see your point of view, and understand your arguement here…

I have but only one retort, for the girls of course…

Would you prefer your man to have 6inches and perform, or 10inches and really perform!?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Until a manufacturer can produce 190+bhp out of a 600cc i will stick to my 1000cc thank you;)

A litre sports bike is for the A143 from Bury St Edmonds to Great Yarmouth with the throttle pinned to the stop.

Road don’t look like much and isn’t until you hitting high three figures.

One of the biggest rushes since I got on a bike :smiley:

Oh and Bikerboy before you pipe in, STFU :laugh:

Dont go putting things in my mouth girl!..did I really just say that?:blink::alien: I have really lost the plot!:frowning: Are you in the market for a lightly used R1 then?:cool:

I have only had my motorised insanity for a year. It is only a 150hp model…how long before it starts to make sense? You’re all friggin loonies I tell’ya!:smiley:

Once you get onto a 600cc and realise that when you open up the throttle your not actually going anywhere fast:D

Oopsy…well I went and bought and old Fireblade today…but it’s old, so I figure it won’t be so bad…be an interesting comparison to my 600cc…be fun to jump off one and straight on to the other :smiley:

I too have 2 bikes. The R1 has more horse power, but That Other bike has fewer, but bigger horses!:w00t:

Show off;)

Newer shape R6 is about as powerful as original blade

Well, I have a CBR929RR Fireblade, so I get to enjoy amazing acceleration without being told I have some sort of d*** replacing litre bike! :stuck_out_tongue:

929cc is plenty for me at the moment, but I’m feeling the pull towards a nice 1300cc Sports-Tourer… :wink:

900cc two pistons. Happy and satisfied.

I have a litre bike and a near 4litre car!:Whistling:


Just back from that lil’Sunday mornin trundle into Essex on the R1. It went really well through the sludge and ice in Ongar!:smiley:

Unless you are 6’2" and cannot fit on anything other than a litre bike! I’ve sat on a 600 & 750, and been able to lick my knee caps … not the most comfortable of riding positions! :smiley:

this will be my justification for having one as my next bike, i have to have one as i’m too tall for anything else!

How the hell did you do that through your helmet?!?! How long is your tongue?!?!?!?! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

If that were the case you’d have a GS!:stuck_out_tongue:

Leg licking!!!:w00t: (this thread will now need to be moved to the perv’s section of the Adult Forum!)