1000+cc Sports bikes - Why?

You lot riding these big sports bikes must be off your fuggin’eds! Its motorised lunacy! :hehe:

Oh, yeah. I’ve been out on my R1 today!:smiley:

So ! you are getting rid of the R1 then ??

Why?..Because we can :smiley:

Great isn’t it!

Litre+ bikes are only ridden by people who need to over compensate for something else they are lacking! :stuck_out_tongue:

Us seven fiddy riders don’t need to bother… :wink:

my phuckin things got Venom running around in its donk…!!!:D.


its the only way to travel :slight_smile:

i want to at least have a quick go on new-ish bike just to compare to the old stuff

I wish I could afford the insurance on a 1litre sportsbike. :crazy:


As ‘Bike’ mag says about superduke (OK OK its got handlebars) ‘like a mountain bike with a barely controlled Vtwin. Remember to breathe.’

that’d make me on a 600 compensating even less then

i win on a 125 then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry, while you lot are comparing your **** to those of 1000cc+ sports bike riders, I’m at the finish line, already knee deep in clunge.

WTF?!? :w00t:

topic reminds me of a tank sticker i saw when i was about 15 on my mates aunties gsxr 1100 (get some real power between your legs) …perfect:D:D

you need to google…

this photo may help, its a photo of finish line clunge… :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Took the S1000RR out for a spin on friday, agree with you mate!! 1000cc is mental!! the BMW is also tiny and so light, got back on me 750 and that felt well lardy…

Its not the size that gives you a good ride lads! :smiley:

I love my ZX6…she does me proud.:smiley:

A 50cc cum moot scooter? :stuck_out_tongue:

riding litre sports bikes is a bit like getting your first boner, it feels weired, uncomfortable, and wrong, yet soon you will find yourself back there again, and each time you do it the more sense it makes, until soon you will be thinking about riding litre sports bikes while you got as boner!!!:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:


It seems like there is a fair number here who are suffering from Piston-Envy.