02 Honda SP1

Hi Hope everyone is having a good new year. I have been made an offer of a 02 SP1 plus €2000 for my 06 CBR 600 RR with an 07 plate. The SP1 has repsol fairings and hugger, two brand new tyres, twin Art exhaust, alarm and imob, and loads of other goodies it has 14000 miles. My bike has the moviestar fairings, Scorpion end can, power commander, and a few other bits to make it look nice it has 1650 miles on it. Both bikes are in immaculate condition.

Do you think this is a good deal? Anyone have both of these bikes that would be able to give me some advice?

Thanks for any help


The vtr is probably worth £4000 (In Immaculate condition) plus £1500 cash, i also estimate your bike to be worth around £5500 to £5800. So does not sound like a bad deal to me. Ask the guy if he will swap a 2006 r6 with 12000 miles:D

Take the bodywork off and check the bike underneath carefully…Alot were crashed on track IIRC.

Thanks for the replys guys

r6ogers if i dont take it i will ask him :slight_smile: that is one sweet looking bike you have there. Do you have any more pictures of it?

Afro i am going to test ride it on Saturday and i ask the guy to take the fairings off then and have a good look over it. Thanks for the tip

no i was joking mate.

Before making a decission on an SP1 you really need to have a ride on one. Although its a cracking bike it is very single minded and not everyones cup of tea and the riding position doesn’t suit many people:)Me? I luv em but prefer the SP2;)

i will get a few pictures up soon when the weather dries up

damn <A class=SmlBoldLinks id=_ctl1_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater__ctl16_smAuthorName onmouseover=“window.status = window.location;return true;” onmouseout=“window.status=’’;return true;” href=“void(’’);”>r6ogers thats a great bike you got there!

is the R6 far too cramped for a 6ft 2" lankster?

I thought the SP1 had reputation for awful low down fuel injection (on/off) - very hard to manage through traffic etc.

Chunky should be able to advise re: fixing it - if you can.

The SP2 fixed that.

Rest of Chunky’s comments worthwhile.

I know more than 1 person, who love the SP1, but known other’s who didn’t get on with 'em.

True Killer, the fuelling is a bit like an on/off switch and that makes roundabouts fun:D

The SP2 is an all-round better bike but i doubt if you will find one for the same money as people are realising what a classic they were.

Judging by the mileage you have done on your 6 I am guessing you want an all year round machine???

If yes, I would advise against an SP as a winter ride I would stake next months mortgage of it putting you on your backside:w00t:

Its a sunny day fun tool first and foremost:cool:

Its not a problem…sort out the fueling with a PC,get shot of the Art cans for summat decent,set up the suspension and off you jolly well go Bud!!

As for a sunday play thing… :blink: …arent most bikes classed as that?..i say ****** to that and just ride the fOOkerS!!

orangespoon it probability is to small for your height to be honest. have you had a test ride on one? a friend was going to buy one until he had a test ride. He is about the same height. said he felt to cramped on it and bought an rsv.

Are you talking about R6? Orangespoon was;):smiley:

yes the r6.

Thanks for all the advice guys. I went down last saturday and took the bike for a spin and loved every minute of it so i decided to go for it. I am picking it up this saturday so i will tkae some pictures and post them up.

zxyogi what cans would you recommend?

My bro is coming home on friday too so i am sure he will be taking a spin and will post up his thoughts as well :smiley:

:smiley: I am very happy i made the switch this bike is just amazing and the noise is just glorious hehe. Sorry about the bad pictures i will take more at the weekend

I bet you are, looks lovely…see you ona ride out soon then…get it onto the LB track day 1st march, spaces left I think…

Are you in Ireland then?:w00t:

Yep i sure am i was thinking of coming over for that track day but it would cost more money than i have at the moment :w00t:.

So what was the outcome with this one?

Did you buy the SP1?

If so… what do you think?:slight_smile: