02 Honda SP1

Looks nice to me, although the scratches on the art can look a bit suspect…?

Now you know why it’s in Repsol colours :wink:

Yep, tis a done deal! He got it a few weeks ago. :smiley:

Yep its a done deal alright. It was never dropped he scratched the can and link pipes bringing it in and out from the back garden so its all good :smiley:


So what do you think of it?

Love it, the guy who had it before me has put the power commander in so that sorted out the fuel issue. I find the bike suits me better than the 600 and size wise it is way more comfortable. Plus it is great fun scaring people with the exhausts :D.

My bro had a spin when he was home so he can give you his opinion on it too

'Tis a monsta!! :smiley: A much more comfortable bike to ride than the 600 for big lumps like us - I definitely like the bigger stretch over the tank. The 190 rear tyre is great, feels very planted. Cornering’s really smooth on it as well, ok so it’s not gonna change direction as quickly as the 600 but I didn’t find that a problem. Lovely :slight_smile:

You just need to sling it in a van and bring it over here for some trackday action!! :w00t::cool:

Oh dont worry about that we are talking about doing that soon. Cant wait to finally get out on a track :smiley:

if i am no wrong tht bike has been down the road. look at the endcan.

I doubt any1 would pay for a paintjob and put scratched cans on after, more like down road so have new paintjob.

did ya take fairings off as suggested? just wondered if any evidence of been repaired etc on the right hand side.

I might be wrong though.:smiley:

I had all that checked before i bought it i know for sure it has not been crashed the end cans where scratched going in and out of his side passage of the house. Its all good :smiley: