ZZR1100 For Sale

For sale due to SWMBO!! Tried to hang on to it but the threat of ultra violence to my lower abdominal area with a meat tenderiser changed my mind!! :-0

Spent loads on this bike, owned it for last 4years since 15k miles where it had never seen rain!! ( then i bought it!!! )

1997 R reg ,full power D model ( removing personal plate soon,should be back on original plate)
33k miles (still in use so will go up)
Brand new tyres - BT023
New Chain & Sprockets -1 tooth on front -gold x ring chain
HID headlight
Braided hoses
Black flip screen
Bar risers
Recent EBC HH pads all round
Recent front wheel bearings
Head bearings replaced last year
Battery replaced last year
Carbon ZZR tank pad
Givi monorack
Fulll toolkit
Replacement discs & callipers
New genuine exhaust recently
Supension rebuilt by MC Technics - shock & front forks - ohlins internals + oil and seals etc cost £450
Mot till July 2011 (will put 1 yr MOT on at asking price)
Tax till May 2011
Has service history and a folder full of recipts.old MOT’s etc

I have some spares ( that may go with the bike if i get asking price)
Have a Baglux tank cover available , and some EBC HH pads
Colour coded touch up paint pack & colour matched polish

I had an off on diesel 3 yrs ago and bike was damaged, i kept and repaired bike - PROPERLY! using genuine new parts,decals exhaust,panels etc,custom matched paint and had Motoliner in Kent check over the frame/alighnment etc spent ££££’s because i loved the bike!
Insurance said not economic to repair and is listed ,due to cost of new kawasaki parts and labour. i sourced new and used genuine parts to repair myself - I.E - £1100 for exhaust!! £100 for ZZR decals!! even put genuine foam back inside the fairing!! £30 per side!! £500 to paint, etc. it had to be as it was before accident = MINT!

Pics of damage available( were posted on here somewhere) Been riding it for last 3 years and now has 33k miles on it, its garaged,looked after,and kept on an optimate -just needs a new enthusiastic owner!

There is a small mark on n/s exhaust and left fairing where it rolled off side stand! few small stone chips and the wheels could do with a re polish (were painted/polished lips 2yrs ago)

Sadly it has to go due to SWMBO lack of sympathy to my bike collection!


Insurance and £1500 deposit for test rides (sorry there are a few test pilots out there!)
Bike is in Hertfordshire, delivery may be possible for train fare home!

07973 361 713 Craig


nice bike, you say insurance say beyond repair and is “listed” is it a cat C then ?

just loose your testicles ffs

Im betting the C2 is not for sale ?

your last 2 images don’t work. try copying them to http://imageshack.us


Nope C2 isnt for sale, had it from new 75k miles!! :cool:

ZZR is listed cat c , estinate to repair was £3850 in new genuine parts so written off as uneconomical repair -repaired with genuine parts for far less!

Been riding for last 3 years without any problems!