Anyone got a contact to get this cheaply, or from the US? This stuff is pretty pricey in the UK.

And no, its not painkillers/banned substance… its premium car cleaning products. Check out - http://www.vertar.com/car-care-exterior/wax-polish/zymol-starter-kits/choose-wax-tab/

Would they do a bulk order and offer a discount that way? Anywhere in the US able to send to the UK?

LOL - Exactly!

I use the stuff, after buying it for a car some while ago. It is effectively price fixed,but does work well-it once took me 6 hrs to clean my Porsche- got nicked though! (still have the wax!)- this is where I got mine from (theres a tub of it on there for £5,000!)


Their Royal Glaze is £7118!!!