zxr 400 fairing bolts size

Hi guys,

Happy new year to you all. I am needing some helps and hoping a  few of you can.

I took my zxr 4000 (1993) to a garage to get the leaking petrol pipe fixed few days ago and tonight on my way back from work I noticed one of the fairing bold is missing, so clearly the guy in the garage lost it or forgot to put it back on when the job was done.

So, I have been looking on the internet trying to find out which bolt and size i need but I couldn’t find it and I am not a handy guy that can identify this king of thing. I was hoping I can a full set and just pick the one I need, but little did I know the full set of bolts isn’t cheap and the cheapest is about £22 on ebay and I am not willing to spend that kind of money for just one missing bolt.

Can any zxr 400 owner able to tell me which bolt I need please? It is for the top bolt on the left hand side fairing, I know it is a allen key button head bolt but I don’t know the size and length I need. I know I can take the one on the right hand side off and try to match it in the hardware store but I am that not handy, I will try to avoid doing it, if I can.

Hope someone here can help.


go to a Kawasaki dealership and they will have loads of spares laying around, they will likely just give you one

Try the greybike400 forum :


This ?

Handy site for you

If required order from any kawasaki dealer cornwallkawasaki.com

Cradley in west midlands

Daytona in Ruislip may even have it in stock

Or type part number 921501553 into google see what comes up

Thanks guys and especially TimR I found the bolt I need on those pages I think