ZX6R goodies

A bloke in my office is 50 next week and an office whip-round has raised 50 quid. It’s fallen to me to get a prezzie and as he’s a ZX6R rider I was wondering whether any ZX6R owners on the forum would have any ideas for a suitable present. What would you spend a 50 quid windfall on for your bike ?

50… pipe and slippers?

You’ll need to say what the state of his bike is now - what’s it got?

3 sessions on track at Bikefest 26/5/07 is £50

For Stu SV - bike is absolutely bog-standard. Used for commuting 60 miles a day.

Heated grips, padded seat, crash bungs, lb stickers, double bubble screen (useful!), valet service, etc.

now they are all brilliant suggestions…can fully recommend heated grips!