zx636 b1h wanted, cash waiting

Hi, i’m looking to buy a b1h and am willing to pay up to £3000 for one.
Ideally i want a blue one but could be interested in others.
Let me know what you’ve got.


That’ll make somebody a bloody good bike if they’ve got the time andpatience to put it back to a reasonably tidy standard ( bodywork wise ) condition . The full Akra exhaust is probably accounting for approx 15% of the sale price of the bike and is a nice extra to have on those . Would imagine that most of the moody stickers will come off and not too sure about the undertray but a good starting point :wink:

if any1 has the bike he’s after think b4 putting a reply up.

i know somebody about to sell 1 soon but he has been offered more than that at the trade in value

Only one post?

That thought never even occured to me, good advice. :slight_smile: