Now… it doesn’t happen to me very often that a motorcycle overtakes me on a straight while I have the throttle wide open (riding a Blackbird and all) but one of these flew past me this summer:


Now, my bird: 280kg, 150hp, plus my lardy arse: 430kg+
The ZX-10R: 180kg, 175hp, plus some scrawny gimp: 250kg ?

Watch it. It’s a trip to watch this thing destroy the autobahn. Slowing down for those pesky family cars going 100 mph – the buggers blighting the left lane :smiley:

I’m not tempted by one of these bikes at all, the effective tank range is probably half an hour at flank speed and you’d need a chiropractor after riding it for that long but… f**k me, that’s a man’s man’s bike. RESPECT YO :cool:

:cool:I noticed its the fastest version too… GREEN :w00t:

SNUFF SAID :stuck_out_tongue: