ZRX1200R Streetfighter

2001 ZRX1200R Streetfighter / muscle bike. Eddie Lawson paint scheme. Paaschburg & Wunderlich headlights, mirrors & indicators. Lucas Bars. Polished rims (need a bit of a re buff) and pillion rails. Acewell speedo. Tube Tech race exhaust which sounds awesome. New clutch plates. New oil & air filters plus oil change. New drive chain about to be fitted. Road Pilot III front tyre about a month ago. T & T’d. 21,000 Miles

This is a great handling bike despite its size. I use it to commute every day and it cuts through traffic with ease but will handle ‘twisties’ just as well. The 1200 inline four engine pack fistfuls of torque and it’ll hit 140mph plus if you can hang on. I’ve owned it for 2 years and it’s never failed to start and never broken down. It genuinely has been a superb bike and does get a fair amount of attention.

Can be viewed in Cheshunt or Central London.


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Niiiiiiiiice bike!!!


if you`ve still got this in a month i might take it off your hands

is this bike parked up outside infinety on great portland street?