Zontes Javelin 125 - Any good?

A friend has just passed his CBT and is after a bike for commuting into the Big Smoke. He sent me a picture (hopefully attached below/above) of the Zontes Javelin 125 which is £1799 new with a two year warranty. I’ve not even heard of Zontes, and the engine looks like an 80’s style Suzuki GS125.

Has anyone got any information about Zontes and their bikes please?

A quick Google shows that they are Chinese, so expect a build quality that would make a 1960s Triumph look like a reliable option. Probably made mostly of Chinesium, and will be a pile of junk within 12 months.

Look for a second hand Honda CG/CB125 or Yamaha YBR125, much more reliable bike.

I’ve seen comments and issues elsewhere with getting spare parts for cheap Chinese bikes.

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I agree, buy it knowing it has a 12 month warranty. Flog it immediately after that.

Warranty is worth shit if they can’t get the spares to repair, which is one of the complaints about Chinese bikes.

wait till it rains then take it for a test ride

I bought a brand new chinese 125 once, a month after I got it I had to more or less strip it and rebuild as nothing, and I do mean nothing was Loctite’d and I lost 3 of the main bolts holding the frame together the 4th (out of 5) was half way out when I spotted it, had that gone the engine would have just dropped out beneath me.


loved my second hand yamaha 125 ybr, did the job kept me on the road for a couple of years gaining experience before I worked up to the real bike, cost me about a grand, sold it for about that too.

A guy on YouTube tried out the cheapest Chinese scooter on Amazon and concluded, “Save your money and buy a 14 year old Honda.”

An old Honda CG125’s would be better than a Chinese too if you can find one at the right price.

Thank you for the feedback guys. My buddy will be looking for a Japanese bike now.

case in point

Another one LondonBikers

Thanks again for the replies guys. I suggested to my buddy that if he is going to entertain a chinese bike, that he should ask for a loan bike for any and all problems that may occur, until the bike is fixed.

He’s just put a deposit down on a new CB125F.

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