Zombie Boot Camp

This looks epic…

Might go with some mates but wondering if any LBers fancy it also…


When I saw the title of this thread I assumed it was going to be a reality show about trainee parking wardens .

Ha, my friend is the genius behind this!!!

Already bought this for a pressie for a friend as he is zombie mad… I reckon it should be a giggle so I’m going too


Im sooooooooo frickin booking this with my mates that are as zombie made as me

We could do a LB day out to this perhaps… interest below gauge numbers

Do it!!!

My pal is moving to London! I’m soooo excited, he stayed with me for a few days while they were putting it together and now he’s moving here to work on it permanently. I can probably sort out some sort of deal, since he loves me and all :smiley:

Looks wicked!

Need a special… have bankers and Tories as the survivors butoverwhelm them with hundreds and hundreds of unemployed zombies who them biteand tear them limb from limb. Gore blood…

Oh my I need my medication.