Zimbabwe's Next President

It seems that the votes in Zimbabwe’s Presidentail electio are due to be released soon.I would like to know who you think will be the next Prseident.

Just like a proper Zim election, didn’t accept my first vote :wink:

We all know the murdering hitler look alike **** is going to get in again as he ridged the votes. Why can`t someone nice just shoot him dead.

my nick-name for the **** is Mr Be a mug

I was suspected of trying to do that. Was driving around Harare looking for my friend and landed in a pretty nasty road block. Had guns at my head etc. Afterwards I was told that I had been outside Bob’s house and that I was extremely lucky as someone had been shot dead doing the same thing. Not the place to be if you were white and in a South African registered car, we were all viewed as assassins.
Mind you I could have mowed Winnie Mandela down with a supermarket trolley - all these missed opportunities :hehe:


There is (reportedly) a decent price on his head. Again, reportedly, the contract conditions are a bit difficult and the “clients” a bit untrustworthy. I don’t care for any of that.

Again we are being shown what a crock the UN really is. This is their back yard and they cannot find a solution to this any more than they have anything worth offering to Darfour or having the guts to challenge Bush and Blair on their actions in Iraq.

Long shot bet. The man will eventally leave with the Idi Amin exit agreement. He takes a shed load of money to somewhere neutral and lives in luxury while “his” country struggles to recover.

And the winner of the election is certainly not the people of Zimbabwe.

Rant over.