Zero's new 2021 range

Keen on keeping an eye on this market.

This has just popped up on my google news widget do-da.

couple in there with ranges up to 223 miles, really starting to look interesting, like to see more with this range to the market to offer a bit or price competition

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Yeah it’s progress, what’s going to be important is if they have quick partial recharge times like the Tesla cars say. After 150 odd miles of twisty’s on a bike I’d want a coffee break so could recharge and if that would take you to a full tank then would be good

It’s certainly a very good commuter option. I know someone who has one, he does think it’s great, but he has had some serious issues with it.

I know on the current range you can add-on a quick charger which I think can do something like 80% in about an hour. But it is currently an optional extra

do tell?

I can’t remember the exact details, it was either charging, or he was told he was not allowed to ride. But he couldn’t use it for weeks. But he does like it.

I think it comes down to cutting edge technology and a new company so they are still learning on how to build and what are the best techniques, practises.

I test rode the original back in 2013 I think so 7 years should be enough time to have sorted out any problems surely? That being said Ducati and KTM are still trying :rofl:

It should be, Tesla did it, but then they had many more resources. Motorcycle companies will operate on a shoe-string. Who wants to invest in them?

The same could be said for Tesla. I was reading a couple of weeks ago about a guy in the US who rejected his Tesla, because of the fit and finish of the vehicle. Apparently none of the gaps between the doors, the bonnet, and the boot lined up and was clearly visible, and had features that came with the car removed remotely because there had been a mistake on the order. He did go into quite a detail reason why.

Also think back to the history of Japanese bikes. When they first started making them they had lots of problems and it took years for them to resolve those and finally surpass other manufacturers for reliability and build quality.

Tesla and the ability to remotely disable features puts them squarely in the nope category for me

Gotta say, I think you’re looking at it from the wrong direction there. The benefit of a connected vehicle is it gets continuously improved. They don’t disable stuff, they enable it. The legacy manufacturers approach of only giving you new stuff with a new vehicle seems absolutely absurd after living with constant updates.

Could you imagine if you bought a phone and it didn’t receive any updates? Security or otherwise. Old people might be happy with that, but that would be a hell no from me.

The feeling of getting a notification on your phone for a new car update is awesome. Every month or two I get new features which I would otherwise have to either buy a new car for or buy some third party product. It’s a night and day different customer experience.


One of the ones I thought was really good. Is all those cameras, when it first came out you could not use those to record, a little while ago they released an update so you plug in a USB stick and from then on you could use them as dashcams.

Not sure why other manufacturers have not done the same!!

plus they remotely upped everyones ranges during the hurricanes to help them escape

Did they disable it afterwards?

Im not sure, Im assuming so.

How long will it be before vehicle speed is electronically restricted to the limit of the road and everyone stays in one line except older vehicles without electronics which can speed past.

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442 days.

You then add a dongle that disables that feature

No need, you just push hard on the accelerator.

The legal requirement for all new cars sold in 441 days from now to have a speed limiter also requires a manual override.

I think the push for autonomous vehicles will drive this more than political will, or green campaigning. AVs are struggling to understand pedestrians, and they don’t like erratic motorists either. The AV developers’ dream is to ban pedestrians, and probably motorbikes too, and make all other cars behave predictably.

It may come in under the guise of safety and do-gooding but the manufacturers will be pushing for it in the background because of AVs.