Z750/Z750R any experience

Hi all,

Has anyone ridden/owned a Kawasaki Z750 or Z750R (the newer model, 2008 and later)?

Any comments on the ridding position, any known faults, etc?



I had a 2011 z750 last year as my commuter / winter hack. To be honest I really didn’t like it, so I chucked it in for a 650n bandit instead.

The best bit about the z750 was the brilliant motor and sweet gearbox. Really smooth, loads of torque and well fast enough. The wind blast wasn’t too bad either despite lack of a screen. Stock silencer had a nice note when you gave it a handful too. However, I just found the general handling to be poor. It didn’t inspire confidence at all, just never felt planted and always felt a bit vague, especially the front end. I didn’t like the riding position either I felt it made my back ache for some reason, plus the angle of the seat meant that I slid down and squashed my nuts against the tank. The build quality and finish of some bits and bobs was a bit scruffy too. There were no ‘faults’ though. I was just actually quite relieved to get rid of it, I just really didn’t like the handling. Shame as it’s not a bad looking bike tho.

But hey, that’s only my opinion and everyone is different. Go and have a look a one, or better still, test one out. I only every used the zed as my winter bike so never used it for fun or sunny day blasts.


Thanks a lot for that… that’s really helpful.

They do say about the handling and the suspension and springs… maybe that was it.

On the other hand, how do you feel about the bandit 650n? How does it compare with the Z750?


No worries.

The bandit feels heavier and bigger, but in my own opinion just handles better. Again its a smooth ride, pretty forgiving and wont bite you in the a$$.
It’s quick enough - but not as quick as the zed. Get to the ton mark and the wind starts to slow everything down. I just find the bandit a little more reassuring in the cr4p weather. It is also cheap and cheerful. Finish can be an issue as well, but if you look after it, ACF-50 the bike and keep it clean then it’s not a prob. I’ve had a couple of bandits before and they’re just great workhorses as well as a bit of fun. Stick some renthal bars, fly screen and a fruity end can on them to remove some of the bland-ness !

Again, just my personal view and others may well disagree, but hey.
I only used the zed and bandit for cruddy commute, it may be different if I only had one bike.


Good stuff, I am looking around for both Z750 and Bandit 650.

However, my hands are tied until I sell my CBR :frowning:

Damn it… I HATE THE TUBE!!!

get a gsr750 :

I test rode the Z750 and also hated the handling, felt like the front and back were struggling against each other all the time, may have just been off tyres or bad suspension set up though as it was used. Good motor though. The Bandit I had as a loan bike, felt very bland at first but after a day or two I was loving it, heavy but you don’t notice on the move and it felt planted and more confidence inspiring as it handled better than the 750. But I think you’d find the motor bland compared to the CBR, it’s more a commuter bike than a fun bike. Having said that I did get out for a blast on it one weekend and it surprised me, it doesn’t feel quick but seemed to keep up with others fine. To be honest they are completely different bikes, but the Bandit is the better all-rounder IMHO.

Thanks all,

@Jaime… was thinking about the GSR750 but it’s quite expensive… was looking to splash out around £3,500.

@JJON… I mainly use the bike for commuting so I don’t mind. I might do the odd trip but that’s about it…

Will probably need to test ride both to see which one I like.

GSR600 then? :slight_smile:

Possibly… was looking at Honda NC700 as well…

Wonder what this is like…

You reckon GSR 600 over GSF 600?

Gsr handles great and has the gsxr600 motor.(detuned) it flies! And handles well :slight_smile:

One thing I have noticed about the Z750 is that you can pick up a good one for less than a Bandit. I tracked a few on BikeTrader & MCN earlier in the year and a lot of them were priced similarly to Bandits. Difference was that the Bandits seemed to be selling but the Z750s weren’t. As summer turned into autumn many were still for sale at a reduced price. One ended up selling on Ebay in October for £1000 less than it was advertised for in MCN in April. The one I went to view, I offered the seller £500 less than his advertised price but he was having none of it… that one was eventually sold to a dealer where it is still for sale at a similar price to what I offered him for it.

Depends what you want in a bike. For me, they’re similar to the Bandit… not massively attractive, pretty stodgy handling, so-so build quality, but a generally good all round workhorse. The way I ride these days and what I use a bike for, it wouldn’t make a great deal of difference.

Yeah, I see what you are saying.

I have noticed that too.

I have also noticed that at any time you might get 10-15 Z750 for sale and 70-80 Bandits for sale.

I guess when the time comes, I will have to see which one from Z750, GSR 600, GSR 750, GSF 650 is newer, lower miles, extras, etc, and then go for it!

If you’re not worried about a fairing how about the Bandit 1250? Not that much heavier than the 650 and huge amount of torque, prefect for commuting and handles well. Or the half faired-version, if you can ignore the looks.:slight_smile:

If you want something lighter and cheaper and yet still a good commuter / winter hack…

What about the SV650 or SV650s ?

Fit decent tyres, end can and progressive fork springs and they’re not half bad.

Personally I find lardy bikes ( > 200 kg ) a pain as they don’t wheelie handle so well in commuter traffic :rolleyes:
And both the Bandit and Z750 are over 200kg.

Thinking of going for a z750 myself. Am 6’2", anyone tall tried one? the one I saw is miles away, none for sale in London just now?!

watford: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kawasaki-Z-750-UK-DELIVERY-AVAILABLE-FINANCE-AVAILABLE-/271400012573?pt=UK_Motorcycles&hash=item3f30b38b1d
watford: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kawasaki-Z750R-LOW-RATE-FINANCE-AVAILABLE-/271400013778?pt=UK_Motorcycles&hash=item3f30b38fd2

forget everything

Buy a Street Triple ( and an Almax) and LAUGH at sportsbikes:D

rode a Zed 750, but only a short go, felt ok, SHITE brakes, and i’m told the R handles ALOT better then the original Z750’s.

Look at vlogger ParisianZee on YouTube. He’s riding a BMW these days, but all his older videos (1Yr+) are of his Z750S… which he seems to like. Doesn’t hang about either when he’s in the mood. If you look down all his videos, you’ll see the ones where he’s reviewing his BMW. Anything pre-that is his Kawasaki.

I like watching them as there’s some nice scenes of Paris :cool:

Z750S review - Part One: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YcUwtyYBxU

Z750S review - Part Two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqTCV9ITOWg

Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

A bit of an old post, already got a Z1000 in the end :slight_smile:

Can’t complain about the brakes at all…

Have already posted some photos in the gallery section :slight_smile: